Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marching On....

Okay, *stretches arms up* Let's try this blogging thing again. Life has been slightly crazy/insane/wild for the past few months and I had a project I was working on that kept me from any real "down time" - AKA Blogging time. That's done for now, and well....here I am. I figured I probably should have something to go with the Facebook page.

The Bug is now 22 months old, and pretty much awesome. I know all parents say that and they are right. Their kid is the most awesome. Bug is talking a lot more now-a-days. We had him visited by the Eary Intervention Specialist because he wasn't talking. Of course while she was here he was throwing out words like "Kangaroo" and "Octopus." Oh well, I'd rather look stupid than not catch something early. He is still considered "delayed" in speech, but not enough for services. Every other area he was 30+ months on, so I am less worried. It is hard to be a Special Education teacher and not look at your kiddo daily to see if they are meeting milestones. I just know how important early intervention is, and am afraid I'll miss something. I excel at worrying.

I nicknamed my kiddo the "Bug" when he was 2 weeks old. He was a snuggle bug then, now he's just the Bug. He's into everything, he helps make dinner, wants to do whatever mommy and daddy are doing and is all around hilarious. He had to get a 4th haircut the other day due to finding a tub of Vaseline at daycare......and styling his whole head of hair. It was impressive.

We had had a very mild winter so far. This past weekend we got dumped on with 12 inches of snow, and I'd say it finally looks like an Alaskan winter. It was 30 degrees on New Years Eve if that gives you an idea of our winter. We've had or fair share of -40, but it was only for a week or too. I'd say the temps have hovered around -15 on average. We've had some awesome stretches of warm weather (above 0) which have been fun to get outside in. The Bug loves helping outside, but hates getting dressed to go outside. The struggle is real for him. Yesterday he crawled into my car and to the front seat to hit the door opener so he could go outside. I was impressed he figured it out, but less impressed with his screaming/crying when we helped him get his winter gear on.