Thursday, March 31, 2016


...yesterday's blog post was interrupted by the Percocet haze I was in...more on why later...

Rhys's cesarean was scheduled for 2/19 and I had to go in for preop on 2/18. I wasn't excited about surgery, but I was happy to not be pregnant anymore. During preop I found out that my surgery was scheduled for 12-noon. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink after midnight, which pretty much convinced me that I was going to die. 

I woke up bright and early and spent time with Bug. We left around 9:30 to go to the hospital. I was supposed to be there at ten, but we stopped to take pictures and I lost only a little late. Opps. 

We met my nurse at the nurse's station and went to my room. I instantly loved her and her sense of humor. That helped calm my nerves. 

The Anesthesiologist came to meet me, and I broke it to her that I would have a panic attack. She tried telling me I'd be fine. I tried telling her to not drug me when I did freak. Something about not feeling your legs or chest and having your arms tied to the table. With Bug, I don't remember the first 2 hours after he was born. I didn't want a repeat. 

To be continued...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gosh I Suck!

My grand plans of blogging went out the window. Shit happens. 

If you didn't hear, we had a baby! Actually a lot of shit has happened, but that is exciting and makes me happy. 

Rhys was born on February 19th weighing in at 9 pounds 14 ounces. He was 23" long. As much as I didn't want a repeat cesarean, thats what I had. My OB wanted me to have him on 2/9, but I wanted to try for a VBAC. My due date (according to my OB) was 2/16 (I still say 2/24.) If I had a cesarean, I wanted him to be born after his due date. I wanted him to have a chance. 

With Bug, he never budged, and was born via emergency cesarean after 36 hours of labor and 3 of pushing. I was miserable after, and had PPD. I knew that if I didn't go into labor on my own, I didn't want to be induced. I couldn't go through the labor/delivery from hell again. 

Long story short, on my due date Rhys was high, and there were no signs of him leaving. I wanted some control, so a cesarean was scheduled. 

To be continued...