Saturday, April 2, 2016


(If you're just joining in now, I started rambling a few days ago and am just continuing...) 

When we went to the OR, I got my spinal and was laid back on the table. All was going well...lost feeling in my legs...then my chest. I couldn't feel myself breathing. Commence freak out. 

Being tied to the table didn't help. Hey. It proved to be the best way to get my husband in the room. The Anestesiologist  ran out and brought him in, and I was totally fine. 

The rest is your typical csection story. Hubby watched Rhys come into this world, all 9 pounds, 11 oz of him. 

With Bug, he couldn't latch/suckle. By the time we got the problem figured out, he had no interest in the boob. I was really worried that we'd have the same problem with Rhys. Luckily, we had amazing Lactation Consultants. He only had a little formula in the hospital (at almost 10#, he was a hungry guy.) We left the hospital nursing full time (and still are...) Full disclosure: I blog while breastfeeding. 

We've had one "bump" in the road...more on that later.