Friday, December 6, 2013

Paying it Forward (Princess Sophia)

(This post was written with permission from Sophia's momma. 
Photos were also given with permission.) 

Beautiful Princess Sophia

A few months ago, during one of Bugs MANY late night nursing sessions, I came across a Facebook page called Sophia's Journey. I hit "like" not thinking much about it, but making a mental note to check it out when I was more coherent. I have learned a lot from Ms. Sophia. She is one of the bravest little girls that I have had the pleasure to get to know. Her mom writes with such love and compassion. Sophia has Batten Disease. Batten Disease is a rare, terminal neurological disease.

One thing that I have liked about Sophia's mom, and the way she writes is that she never asks for financial help, even when it is obvious to readers that it would be helpful.  For the longest time, when I would ask her, she ask to make a donation to the Batten Disease Support and Research Association. Sophia's mom stays home and takes care of Sophia as a full time job. I won't go into details, it is not my place, (please check out her Facebook page) but, everyone needs help once in a while. I want to make sure Sophia and her family get some help this holiday season. Her momma finally posted how to help her family, but it is buried in the comments of a status update. I want as many people to be able to see how to help this amazing family.

What are the holidays for if you can't pay it forward? 

I would love for people to pay it forward and give to Sophia and her family.

There are several ways that you can help Sophia!

One way is her new GoFundMe account for Sophia. You can give a donation directly to Sophia which will help buy diapers, gas money, pay hospital bills, etc.

She also has wish lists at Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart.

A few other details. Sophia has an older brother Dyllan. He is 9 years old, and is a great big brother. He understands that his little sister requires 24 hour care and attention. He loves Gamestop (or he could buy games at Wal-Mart) if you want to send something for him.

Lastly, momma (Jamie.) I wrote a few weeks ago about my experience at Children's and seeing the momma and that sweet little boy. Momma's need love too! Sophia's mom gives Sophia 100% of her attention. She likes (loves) coffee. If you wanted to pick up a Starbuck's gift card and drop it in the mail to her, I know that she would LOVE that, and with all of Sophia's bills and such, it is not a treat she gets. (P.O Box 12353, Lexington, KY 40582.)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Princess Sophia's story and it was nice to see you featured on her facebook page. It was easy to use GoFundMe to contribute. Voted for Adam today, too : )