Monday, May 12, 2014

Step by Step

I feel like this song needs to go in here....maybe play it while you read this post. Humor me.

Anyway, since Spring/Summer is here, and the snow is gone, the amount of yard work that we need to do is very apparent.


Our house was built in 2004. The yard has a slope to it, and when they built the house someone came with a backhoe and made a flat spot for the house, built the house and that was it. In our back yard there is a drop off between what is "yard" (if you can even call it that...treeless mud area might be better...) and the woods. We want to build a fire pit down in the woods and I wanted to do something that tied the two areas together.

We have had lots of ideas, but decided to put in some steps to start. This was our Saturday night project.

This is looking from the woods towards our house. It has been where we've walked up and down every time we go to get work done. It seemed like a logical place to put in some steps. 

To start I dug out some steps and put the dirt on a tarp to use as fill later. There are different ways to do it, but this seemed the easiest for now. 

My very cute assistant cutting a tree stump from one of the steps. See all those black things on him? Those my friends would be mosquitoes. They are huge and HORRIBLE. So horrible. I hatz them. 

The finished product! This photo was taken at 10:30 pm. Just to give you an idea of how light it is outside now. I love it! 

The Bug checking out Mommy and Daddy's handy work this morning. 

We still have to put something on top of the mud. I'd love moss or grass. We'll see what I can figure out.

One thing checked off....833,230 more to go!

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