Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up

The weekends haven't meant much to me since I started staying home with Bug. It meant daddy was home (yay) and that makes both Bug and I happy.

This past Monday I started watching a friend's infant. While he is adorable, having him and the Bug around makes me want a root canal about as much as I want another baby. He's easy, sweet, and adorable. Bug is amazing with him, and I think he missed him this weekend. BUT, having an infant around reminded me what those first few months (hell, 7-8 months) were like. NO SLEEP. Parents of more than one kid, and especially parents of babies close together. I SALUTE YOU. I can't even say that Bug is consistently sleeping through the night yet, and he's one.

"Formula fed babies sleep better." - False.

Anyway, we only have the bambino Monday through Thursday, so I planned every errand we needed to run for Friday. Bug had an appointment with the ENT. They discussed putting tubes in, but I want to give it a bit before we go that route. He already needs surgery (nothing major) at the end of July and that enough freaks me out.

After rushing to the ENT (where Bug attempted to destroy the office) we met up with daddy to check out the daycare that we have signed Bug up for last September. It was the only chicken in my basket, and I have heard great things about it. I was afraid Bug would hate it, and cry. No, who am I kidding. He did cry, but only when we left. I think he's going to love it.

So. You may be wondering why a SAHM would put her baby toddler into daycare. It's because I'm going to go back to work. I interviewed last Friday and found out last Monday that I was hired. I'm excited. It's at an amazing school. I get to do the same thing I did in Seattle, and I love what I do. It's funny. It's the school I said in October, "I want to teach there someday." I'm really happy. I am also so sad about putting the Bug in daycare, but he loves other kids so, so much and is such a busy guy that I think he will love it. I hope. He still gets to spend summers and holidays with mommy, so that makes me feel better. Daddy's office is close and I will only be 5 miles away (forever in mom distance.) I'll write more about it later once I have actually signed a contract.

Friday night we went to "First Friday" at one of the Greenhouses. I REALLY want to buy plants, but I have no place to put them until it's considered "safe." June 1st is the safe date, but many people are planting now. They are braver than I am.

Saturday, we ran errands that lasted forever. We took donations to the shelter in honor of Bug's birthday. He loves seeing the dogs. He calls then "woofs" and is dog obsessed. 

This is Bruno and he is 10!! Poor guy got dropped off my his family of 5+ years. It took all of my reasoning skills to not bring him home. Baby + cats + dog + jobs = crazy(ier) me. May need to check on him again....

 When we finally got home at 4, we all took a nap for two hours. It was glorious. I've been attempting to get the gardens together. I've heard about the mosquitos in Alaska, but HOLY COW, no one was kidding. They are huge, and vicious. Saturday night I tried to get some plastic down, but they were so bad I couldn't stand it anymore. My new working name for our garden is "Swamp Creek Farm" or maybe "Moose Snacks" because I found two piles of moose poop near the beds. I really hope Martha goes for a trip this summer and leaves my garden alone. I am taking a risk and not putting a moose fence in.

The beds all have plastic on them now, and my rhubarb is coming up (8 out of 9 plants) so that excites me. I can't wait.

Today we went to a park with a friend. Bug proceeded to steal my Italian ice. It's okay. He's adorable. 

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