Sunday, November 2, 2014


I love Halloween (and nothing to note of my costume at school.) We took the Bug trick or treating at the museum on campus. He was very excited with his bat and his starfish that he got. No candy for him (because I'm a mean mom, and really, he doesn't need anymore energy.)

Somehow though, it is November. I do not know what happened to September/October (or the rest of the year even.) Time flies when you're having fun, or at least you don't have time to look at the date. With the time change today, it didn't get light here until 9:30 or so this morning. I do love watching the sunrise each morning. I feel productive for once.

As the Bug and I went grocery shopping this morning they were marking down all the Halloween candy (WIN!) and putting up all the Christmas decorations. Poor Thanksgiving had one lonely little shelf. I on the other hand have a "few" bags of Reese's.

This summer I got away from blogging due to new job craziness and pure exhaustion. When I did have time it was spending it with the Bug or getting things figured out in my new position. My exhaustion was explained by a Vitamin D deficiency, and a low Thyroid. My doctor also suggested that I cut yeast out of my diet to see if it makes me feel pretty much, eat nothing. I'm still considering it to see if it helps, but seriously, there are a handful of things I can eat (exaggeration, but not by much!)

I'm starting to organize my letters from Santa. Last year my donation went to the Wounded Warriors Project. I want to donate this year to a Children's organization, and I'm thinking of St. Jude's, but am open to suggestions. I'll have that information posted soon. If you're new to this rambling wreck of a blog, I write letters from Santa, and mail them from North Pole, AK and make a donation to an organization. Last year I sold a bunch on eBay. This year in order to keep sane, I am going to just put them on the Facebook page for FBX Adventures.

Anyway.... Happy November!

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  1. This year did fly by!!!!! I also have a vitamin D deficiency and low thyroid. The meds helped, but not completely. I also finally figured out I have celiac disease!! So no gluten. It was an adjustment, but it's been a few months and I've lost a bunch of weight and have a LOT more energy. It feels like your choices of food are limited, but you really aren't. Just remember the safe foods are meat (not processed stuff like lunch meat or hot dogs unless it's marked gluten free), fruits, veggies, rice (not instant!) and potatoes. I started out only eating those things and once I was feeling better I started branching out. My mom even made me a gluten free birthday cake out of coconut flour. If you're going to cut out yeast, go ahead and cut out the gluten to see if it makes you feel better. I'm absolutely amazed at the difference in how I feel and I really wish I had figured it out sooner. I don't even miss processed/fast food. It sucked at first not being able to eat at restaurants, but I did eventually start eating salads, but it's exactly like what I eat at home so it didn't feel like a treat. I eventually just quit eating out lol. Good luck!!

    P.S. If you don't feel an improvement with the diet change also get your hormones checked! Thyroid and Vitamin D are hormones, so if they are out of whack it's likely something else is too. My estrogen/progesterone are also out of balance and it can make you feel really yucky, but it's fairly simple to treat with a progesterone cream (creams are more effective than pills or other methods!). I hope you feel better soon!