Friday, May 9, 2014

Secret Subject Swap -

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 15 brave bloggers pick a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My subject was submitted by Outmanned Mommy  My subject is "What would your perfect Summer vacation look like?"

Like most people, I spend the entire winter complaining about how cold I am, how much I hate being cold, how I want to move to (insert tropical island here.) Then, then the summer hits. It gets above 72, and I am convinced I'm going to sweat to death. Once it hits 80, I regret my months of complaining, and start dreaming of September. Then it hits 90, and forget about it. I refuse to leave my house, and drink enough water to fill an in-ground swimming suit. I spent my day getting a shower and laying on the ground until I am dried, and then repeat the process a million more times.

Long story short? I like it to be between 68-72 and sunny.

Growing up my parents took us to Chincoteague, VA every summer for (insert number here, I can't remember.) I looked forward to this trip ALL YEAR.

1. There were ponies.
2. There were ponies.
3. There was an ocean.
4. There...wait, did I mention ponies?
5. There were ponies.

 You get the point. I loved it! With the ocean breeze, it never felt "too hot." I loved it, and it is one of my favorite childhood memories. We went fishing and crabbing. I successfully caught a seagull, and my wonderful daddy took the hook out (and the image of him tacking a bird that I reeled in still makes me snicker, and I bet that was 25 years ago.)

We haven't been back to Chincoteague since I was 9, maybe 10, hell, maybe 11. It's funny how something goes from 2-3 years ago to 20 + years. Time does fly. I have dreamed of that place for years. My passion and love of horses was born there, and I want nothing more than to go back. I want to take Bug and walk the beach in the early morning looking for shells. I want to go and catch blue crabs and then have a feast. I want to stalk ponies and dream of which one I am going to take home.

I know that time changes places. Hell, in the 8 months I left Seattle so much was new, but so much was gone. If I could have my perfect summer vacation, it would be with my mom, dad and little brother and it would take place in the late 80's. I'd fight with my brother the whole car ride down. I'd try to convince him to "play the piano" (and I would stretch my legs across his lap.) We'd run into our hotel room and jump on the beds. The only worries I'd have on my mind would be waking up early enough to collect the good shells. I'd have my sand pail filled each day with shells, and by the end of the trip I'd have hundreds. My mom and dad would take me back to the beach at the end of our trip and I'd have to leave behind some of the shells...most of the shells....they'd fill the trunk. They'd tell me about the other boys and girls who would find them and how happy it would make them. I'd do all this, just one more time.

Then I'd take my husband and son and make new memories. One day I will, and I can not wait!

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  1. I am with you!! I DETEST summer. BLECK!!!
    I would love to go to Chincoteague!! I remember reading the Misty books as a kid and wanting to go SO MUCH!!

  2. I am with you...summer stinks...68-72 is perfect...anything over 80 and I;m evil.

    What a awonderful way to spend summer, sharing your memories and traditions with your son...who is such a cutie.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful vacation!

    What beautiful memories you've made and hopefully you can make more with your family.

    Hopefully no catching another seagull though ;-)

  4. You summed it up perfectly. The best vacation is one filled with memories from our past and the desire to share it with those who now make up our present. I hope you get to take your family there and make new memories.

  5. The ocean has the power to transform... barring any seagull fishing, of course. Loved the walk down your Memory Lane! Certainly makes the best vacations, for sure.

  6. The one benefit to being here in California, is no humidity in the Summer. Makes it much more enjoyable. Thanks so much for sharing your great memory!!!

  7. I can't wait to share all the things I remember loving as a child with my boys! Great job with the prompt :-)

  8. Ocean breeze, collecting seashells, jumping on hotel beds,… what time are we leaving..?

  9. I hate winter and summer....but that vacation sounds amazing!!