Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bicycle Race (or not)

I just feel that this post needs to start with that song!

Anyway! I like bike riding. I love bike riding when it involves a lot of mud, or an awesome Danish bike on flat ground (RIP FroCycle.) We want the Bug to enjoy riding, and have been tossing around the idea of buying a bike trailer for him. I was nervous we'd spend $300 for a large object to sit in our garage. On Bug's birthday we took him to a consignment shop that he likes, and to check out bike trailers (they had new ones.) They had a Burley Bee marked at 20% off, and after reading reviews, we decided to give it a try. "We'll sell it if he hates it." (That seems to be the new motto.)

With Bug being sick last week, and party-palooza this weekend, the first time we had a chance to try it out was Sunday. It took us 5 hours to actually get to go biking (naps needed to happen) but it was worth it. We bought Bug a tiny helmet and while I was SURE he'd scream bloody murder, he did okay. We practiced at home, and we showed him how his daddy had on, and he had one. He loves whatever daddy has. We put his helmet on, put him in the trailer and they went on a "test ride." His smile was totally worth it!
Everyone gets thirsty after a hard work out. Helmet off, bub in.

There is a great trail around Fairbanks, and it is away from the road, so I feel pretty safe with towing the Bug (and my husband did the towing.) We only went out for 20 minutes, but he really seemed to like it. It was only a little over a mile, but I'm hoping to be able to get him to enjoy it so we can go on longer adventures. I think part of the problem is that his helmet weighs as much as he does, but we'll get there. Next summer we'd love to bike into Denali with him in tow.

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  1. Trivia: I was watching some kind of biography show on Queen and Bicycle was inspired by the Tour de France.