Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby Crazy

This week has been crazy. Not bad crazy, just baby crazy.

The Bug got a cold sometime last week. I don't remember exactly when, but it was in January. He's still sick. Want to know true motherly love? (Or total stupidity, I'd like to think it as true motherly love.) More times then I'd like to count I've kissed him and ended up with a mouth full of bug boogers. I'm not really sure how that has happened, but EWW. He was sick, and he has gotten everyone who touches him sick. I had no voice on Thursday night. I had to be quiet, probably most people's wish!

Not as eww as diarrhea. That's also super fun! (Sarcasm...SARCASM) Today he "talked" my dad into giving him some of his orange. I had to be somewhere today, so my wonderful momma and poppa watched him for me. (OT: It is SO NICE to have family to help out with el Buggo.) Buggy gets diarrhea when he eats oranges, so we don't give them to him. I didn't mention it to my parents (just Kiwi, no Kiwi.) Not a huge deal, just a gross deal.

While our flight back to Pennsylvania was my own personal hell, I have really enjoyed being here. The time ALWAYS flies. Always. I never see everyone that I want to see, and it is even harder in the winter. We've had a few really cold days, and a couple of impressive snow storms. If it was my car I was driving, and I didn't have the Bug I would probably have less fear. Now, now I worry about him all the time.

We are here for about a week and a half then we head out to Seattle. Let me tell YOU how excited I am about flying by myself with the Bug. Not excited at all.

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