Sunday, April 20, 2014


Bug's first Easter was successful. I made his basket for him and the Easter Bunny must have thought he was really good. 

Saturday we colored eggs. Bug also REFUSED to nap all day. He really wanted to help with the coloring. We ended up with broken eggs and googling "how to get egg dye off your baby's face." All in all we had a really fun morning. Saturday afternoon we went to one of Bug's friends 1st birthday party. 

Bug wouldn't give up the eggs.

Sunday we woke up and looked for eggs. Bug found 2 and called it good. The Bunny had Bug's basket on the counter and his daddy's was hidden in the hamper. We were able to make it to Easter service only 5 minutes late, which was pretty impressive for us. 

In the afternoon we played outside. Daddy and Bug tapped some of the Birch trees to see if we could get any liquid (nada.) Bug got covered in mud, and I took the bark off of a log we had. 

We still have around a foot of snow in the backyard. In order to get the gardens ready I shoveled all but an inch of snow off the bed. I still need to finish another one, but that will have to wait for another day. 

Dinner was lamb, roasted potatoes and honey/(random spices) carrots. It was delicious!!

Hope your Easter was fabulous!! 

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