Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monday on a Thursday

There are some weeks that Monday feels like Thursday, and weeks that Thursday feels like Monday. That was this week. Not in a bad way though! Just in a "I can't believe it's Thursday" sort of way. I can't even remember what I did on Monday. I showered. I think. Bug's birthday is Monday, and with Easter on Sunday I have been busy trying to get things organized. Ask me what I'm having for dinner on Sunday....yeah, haven't gotten that far yet, but I've thought about it. Does that count?

Today we met a friend and Bug's BFF for lunch to celebrate her birthday. We left our house, and made it the whole way down the hill and I couldn't remember if I had closed the garage door or not. SO, back up the hill we went. Sigh. As we were pulling into the resturant, I heard Bug cough and choke. I quickly parked the car and jumped out to see him covered in puke. COVERED. His car seat, my car, the window (how!) The poor guy. He just looked at me so confused. AGAIN, I am so thankful that I have a car that all my seats can go down. I took him out and took off all his clothes and let him crawl around the trunk area while I cleaned up the grossness. I assumed he choked on the water, so we got new clothes on and went in to see our friends. 
Post Puke (Didn't seem to phase him, hu?)

He seemed "okay" but when we got home he just wanted to snuggle and he took a nap. He NEVER wants to just lay there and snuggle, unless he's sick. I decided to cancel our play date tomorrow (boo). Hopefully he is fine, and I'm over reacting, but I know I would be not happy if I went to someones house when their kid was puking the day before. 

Hopefully he is feeling better for Easter and his Birthday. I made his basket and it is ready to go from the Bunny. We have it sitting on his birthday presents, and have been trying to keep him out of our room. He saw all the wrapped presents and got SO excited. Mostly because it was something new, but still. 
Bunny basket! 

Gah! How is my baby going to be 1!! 

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