Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's "Spring" technically....I am afraid to say anything about it out loud because every time I say anything, I get reminded that the temps could drop into the negatives at anytime. So, Spring in June then? That's when I will put my plants into my garden beds. I haven't seen the yard in so long I forget what it looks like!

So far, what Spring in Fairbanks means to me (this sounds like the start of a 3rd grade essay.)

 1. It means that my house will shake and large chunks of heavy wet snow will come flying off my roof, taking parts of my room with it.

2. It means that anything that was hit and killed during the winter is emerging from its snowy tomb. Case in point being the dog in front of our house. As much as I dislike playing around with dead things, VERY dead things, I know that if it were me I'd like to know where my dog ended up. I tried to find his/her tags, but they are underneath the dog and the dog is still very much frozen to the ground. I was reminded tonight that at least it was not a human we found. OH so true.

3. Where there were once roads, there are now small streams running across them. If it were the Pacific Northwest, I'd expect some salmon swimming, but nope, nada.

4. My car is officially brown. I can hardly see any of the teal on it, so I half hope that driving through these road streams it will clean it off enough to make it look presentable.

5. I have the gardening bug....BAD. I can not wait to plant in our beds! This weekend or next I will need to go down and shovel off the snow and put plastic down to start to warm up the soil. I have this feeling I'm going to bust my butt, and Martha is going to come along and eat everything. Gah. Still, so excited to plant. I never got "baby fever" but do I ever get gardening fever.We decided that with the Bug, and the cats we would buy starts. It just seemed easier. I have a list from the greenhouse of what they are growing and I CAN NOT WAIT, but I must or it will all die. June 1st. I need to wait until June 1st, and until then I will continue to figure out ways to have ALL garden and no grass to cut.

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