Thursday, March 20, 2014

Arctic Winter Games

Since the plague has left our house the Bug and I ventured out today. It was so nice to get out of the house for the first time in 4 days. I get cabin fever way too quickly.

The Arctic Winter Games are being held in Fairbanks this year. I did not realize a few things. 1. That the games are only every 4 years. 2. They rotate. The next time they have the games, they will be in Greenland.


I wish I would have paid attention. This tends to be a problem of mine.

ANYWAY...back to the point of this post. Bug loves dogs. L-O-V-E-S dogs. I know I'm going to get talked into a dog before I actually want one. I am interested in dog mushing, so decided to take Bug to the 4 dog race. We went to watch the Junior race. It was really fun, which made me sadder about not attending more events.

I bundled Bug up as best I could (it was around 28 degrees today) and we were off. As I expected, he was thrilled. He didn't get as good of a nap as I hoped due to the asshole cats. (They decided that standing by his door SCREAMING was a good life choice.)  I was afraid he'd drift off before he saw the "das" but luckily, he was wide awake. 

This was my favorite team, only because of the story behind the dogs. The dogs were on their way to be killed, when they were saved by the father of the girls who run them now. They are from Nunavut. 

We stuck around to see the first team from Nunavut cross the finish line, along with the teams from Alaska. There were three other teams, but Bug was getting cranky, and he had been so good for so long, I assumed he was bored. 

We got back to the car and no sooner was the snowsuit off than he was at the front of the trunk jumping and squealing watching the dogs. Sigh. I guess he was just tired of the snowsuit.

In other news, Alaska is beautiful. Today may be the first day of Spring, but the only sign in Alaska that I've seen is that they came down our road and pushed the snow the whole way off the road. I CAN SEE THE ROAD. That's exciting. I don't really mind that it is 20+ degrees. I laugh when I think about how cold I "use" to be at 20+ degrees, but honestly, it is a different cold than in Seattle. It's not a wet cold.

Bug will be 11 months tomorrow...if you can tell me how to slow down time, let me know.


  1. Tell me how to slow time too, because Baby Michael will be 11 weeks tomorrow.

  2. I've never even heard of the arctic games. What a cool (ha!) experience.

  3. Sorry Gals.... time don't slow down when it comes to them babies. My oldest is 35 (ACK!) now. Youngest is 8. And I have 5 grandkids already, 2 of whom are roughly the same age as my youngest two children!!! One minute I'm holding my 7 month old first born, telling him "I wonder what you'll be like as a man.... and the next he's handing me my first grandchild. It was a "*POINK* HEY! What just happened here?!" *unpoink* moment!