Monday, March 24, 2014

Rock and a Hard Place

Each Monday on my FBX Adventure page, I share the Random Acts of Kindness that others do, or have had done to them. There is so much bad in the world, that I like having one day that I just share the good. 

Here's the good that happened to me. 

Friday the Bug and I were out running errands. We were suppose to meet dad in town, and left the house to head out. around 4:30. As I headed down our hill, I heard the worse noise EVER. EVER. I wasn't sure if my tire was going to fall off or what. This noise has happened before, but I was the only one to hear it. I took my phone out, turned on the video camera and made my own version of the Blair Witch Project. AKA. I started driving and just held my phone out the window. 

I then called the Ford garage in town to just see if I could stop in to play the video to make sure my car would be safe to drive until Monday, or whenever they could get it in to fix. After all, it was 4:00 on a Friday, no one has time on a Friday.They told me to bring it on in and they'd take a listen.

Bug and I showed up and I played the video and the mechanic knew exactly what was wrong.  

There was a rock stuck in my brake pad. They took my car for a drive to figure out which tire, and then drove it straight into the garage and got right to work taking off my tire and checking my brakes. 

This might not sound like a huge deal to you, but to me it was. I'm sure they had a long week, and they didn't bat an eye making room for my car and making me feel safe to drive my car with the Bug.

When I went to pay for the 30 minutes of their time, they told me to not worry about it. That made me even happier. So, I wanted to do something nice for them. I decided on cookies. Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?

I do need to remind myself when baking cookies to NOT DOUBLE THE RECIPE. Big Red is good, but he's not THAT good. Don't worry, I hate 1/3 of the dough, so it was safe. 


  1. I used my big kitchen aid mixer to make the whole neighbourhood cookies last winter. In one batch. It was like a volcano of cookie dough. lesson learned!

  2. What a crazy problem!! Good thinking on your part and I'm glad they got it sorted out.