Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Remember where I left the blog off on Monday? With my husband being sick? Well, Tuesday morning I woke up at 3 am S-I-C-K. Thanks Bug. I spent the next 24 hours being the biggest whiny baby ever. My poor husband was only really sick for 12 hours, but not me. I was lucky. I got to be sick for 24 hours, and still don't feel 100%.

A few things I don't understand. Bug was sick this weekend. Did it slow him down? AT ALL? No, not really. He was a little extra snuggly, but that's it. I spent the better part of the time laying on the bathroom floor. The other thing? I taught for 10 years (and hope to teach again in the fall) and even when H1N1 went through our school I was totally fine. Have a baby and POOF! Sick ALL-THE-TIME. Okay, okay, not ALL the time, but it feels like it.

So, not a whole lot new in AK. I mean, there MIGHT be something new, but I haven't left the house to find it out. Hopefully tomorrow we'll venture out to do something fun. Hopefully.

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