Wednesday, March 5, 2014

These are the days of our lives....

I spent most of my life looking forward to something. I use spent the week looking forward to Fridays. I spent the month looking forward to the next month (payday.) I spent whole seasons looking forward to summer. I wished away whole parts of my life. 

That is the main thing that I'm trying to change. I wished away the first two weeks of Bug's life. Today, I found myself today looking forward to his nap time so I could sit down for .2 seconds. Then I stopped, and looked at him. I realized that after nap time he'd be bigger, older, and for now I need to stop looking forward to things and enjoy the now. Enjoy every second of his life and hopefully raise him to enjoy the now, and not count away the days of his life too. 

It is hard to believe that he will be one in 40+ days. CRAZY. 

It amazes me how much Bug is growing. He's a little toddler, but I don't want to admit that...EVER. He is doing awesome at learning new things, and cracks me up with his cleaning. 

I'm trying to get in as much momma and me time now as I can. At the end of April I am going to start watching Bug's new BFF. He will be 3 months old then, so we probably won't be going out a whole lot. (This will be the true test of if Bug will ever have a sibling.) 

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum. Bug LOVES it. After a year, he costs $7.00 to get in and if I'm anything I'm two things: 1. Cheap and 2. Bad liar. I already got a weird look when I told the girl that he was only 10 months. He's not exactly small. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. EVERYTHING. It's hard to not worry that he'll catch something and get sick again. He's finally feeling better and we are able to go out and be around other babies again. 

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  1. What a good moment to remember. :-) Glad you are having fun.