Monday, March 17, 2014

Mondays Sux

Historically, Mondays hate me. The wonderful kiddos that I taught survived on a schedule. Throw two days that had a different schedule (aka: The Weekend) with a different schedule, often led to making Mondays harder...for everyone. No one likes Mondays. I think it is nature over nurture.

Today, today was no different. I am in the process of trying to get my teaching certificate in Alaska. I do not remember it being such a lengthy process when I got it in Washington. Today I learned a few things. 1. I need my Praxis scores to apply. 2. ETS (Testing center) only holds the scores for 10 years....I took them 11 years ago.

THIS made my life hard. Very hard. There are some teaching positions that I am applying for, and they close this week. I had no idea if I could do anything to get my Praxis scores. In addition I needed my Undergraduate transcripts.

I spent a total of 3 hours on the phone today. THREE. All while the Bug was being SO good. He watched TV, which he never really gets to do, but I needed to make phone calls TODAY and well....Sesame Street, it is pretty is Daniel Tiger...THEN Nap, so he didn't melt his brain all day. I still felt horrible. The poor guy just wanted momma, and instead momma got to listen to HORRIBLE elevator music. I at least put the phone on speaker so he got to enjoy some of the fun too. Bug spent the better part of his day walking around. WALKING. Makes me happy and sad at the same time. Made me feel like I was wasting another day of his life. UGH.

In between making phone calls, and checking boxes, I was changing diaper, after diaper, after diaper. Poor guy still has diarrhea from his weekend puke/poop fest. He doesn't feel 100%, and I know this because he ACTUALLY watched Sesame Street and got into minimal things. Poor guy also has bad diaper rash. I've been putting everything on it that we have, and hopefully it will start feeling better soon.

A wonderful woman at the Alaska Education Department spent 45 minutes on the phone with me and walked me through how to solve my missing score problem. I still need to get some paperwork in order, but I can at least get a year certification while I find these difficult last pieces. (So think good thoughts.)

Right after this wonderful lady talked me off the cliff (not really, but I was pretty stressed out) my mom called. They are coming to visit in July and I am SO SO SO excited! (Did I mention that I was excited.)

So my no-good-very-bad Monday got better. On Monday's I post #RandomActsofKindness because #Mondaysarentsobad on my FBX Adventures Facebook page. Those helped me feel less crappy too. Yay.

Then my husband came home from work puking.....

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