Saturday, March 1, 2014

Creamers Field

It is nice to be home. Let's just start there. Yes, I miss my family horribly, but there is just something about your own bed. 

The Bug and I went grocery shopping yesterday (I really need to figure out couponing.) He loves the cart (thankfully) and we could spend hours roaming the store. 

At some point last night I did something to my back. It might be a rib out of place, but whatever it is, it's inconvenient. 

Today we wanted to do something as a family, finally. We were away for 5 weeks. We went to Creamers Field and took Bug out for a stroll in his new Bob stroller. We bundled him up and were off. 

It was beautiful. So much blue sky!! 

The Bug fell asleep a bit into our walk, so we walked farther. I never realized how beautiful Alaska is in the winter. 

We had Bug's babysitter over for dinner tonight. It is so scary (for me) to leave him with someone. She seems awesome and he loved her. 

I made fish tacos and they turned out pretty awesome. I became a great host towards the end of dinner, my back was just killing me. I laid down and didn't get back up (didn't? Couldn't?) Such an awesome host. 

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  1. Hope your back feels better soon, and the tacos look amazing!