Tuesday, December 3, 2013

As the crib turns...

Sometimes I swear that parenting a child feels like you are on a roller coaster. No. It does feel like you are on a roller coaster. It's super fun, scary, and a whole bunch of other feelings all wrapped into one crazy ride. It also goes by WAY too fast.

I really think that Bug is much like his momma in many ways. He sees something he can't do, gets mad and does it. He did this with sitting. He saw a friend sitting and bam! He started sitting. We went to a play date where everyone was crawling and the next day he is crawling.

He is learning new skills all the time. Some of them scare me to no end! Sunday night we put Bug to bed like normal. He cried for a minute of two, but then got quiet. We don't let him cry it out, but do let him alone for a few minutes if he is only fussing. It seemed to be a normal night.

His daddy and I went back out to the couch for Happy Hour (that hour between him going to bed and when we go to bed) and about ten minutes later we heard the most horrific scream that I have ever heard in my entire life. His dad and I both fell trying to run to the bedroom. I screamed out that he fell out of bed (further shortening my husband's life span) and we both ran into the room.

He (thank you God) did not fall out of bed. He did however fall INTO bed. The little bugger has figured out how to pull himself up in his crib. This is a new skill. He must have lost his balance and bit it into his crib and bumping his head.

It took a few minutes for him to calm down. Daddy grabbed his tools and started right away taking the crib apart so the mattress could be lowered (and therefore totally removing the ability for him to fall out of bed....for now.)

The whole standing in the crib thing throws a wrench into the parenting for now. NOW when he goes to bed instead of laying there and falling asleep, he pulls himself up and has a dance party. Even if he is exhausted! Today it took two hours (TWO HOURS) for him to go to sleep. I just kept playing with him to try to wear him out. No luck. Finally he passed out around 2 for his noon nap. (I am not willing to just leave him in his bed screaming yet.)

He is pretty proud of himself now. Anytime he is on the ground he is now trying to pull himself up on ANYTHING. How did he get so big so fast? I remember him being little, but barely. I now understand why women love babies, especially if they have kids of their own. Because they are babies for .9 seconds and that is it, BAM, no longer babies.

Daddy and I are THRILLED....

Also, thank you to everyone who has done a random act of kindness and also for sharing my post (to collect other random acts of kindness.) I have been trying to do something nice everyday, but seriously everyone else beats it to me. Today a woman followed me out of the doctors office so she could open the doors for me (I had Bug in his stroller.) She opened three doors and it wasn't a quick walk and also -13 outside (heat wave!)

 In all honesty, everyone that I have met in Fairbanks is SUPER nice. I'm sure that now that I have written this, mean people will emerge, but I'm hoping that is just a few!

So, take a few seconds and do something nice for someone else. Share Sunday's post on FB, Twitter (I have an account...ask me if I know how to use it!) or your preferred social media venue. Send me your good things my way! Thank you for that!

Also, if you get a chance vote for Adam, or for Harvey (...

Adam keeps voting for Harvey.)

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