Thursday, December 19, 2013


I use to write another blog.  A blog that will not be named, because I was very private. It was about my horse Denali, and I am very glad I wrote it because it was the best kind of therapy you could get for free! In writing that blog, I got offers a lot to do giveaways. Of course! I love giving other people's things away. I loved doing product reviews. Horses are not cheap, and the term "Healthy as a Horse" is a bunch of bull shit. Seriously. So I got to try new products, and share them with my horsey blog friends (who I love dearly, and sometimes I forget that we met through blogs. Who knew!)

When I did giveaways, I wanted to be as fair as possible. I went to ridiculous lengths to be fair and always wanted to make sure that everyone knew, and could tell I was fair. It was a PAIN. After I stopped writing that blog daily, this whole Rafflecopter thing came out. So easy, so fun. WHERE WERE YOU.

So. I've been itching at giving this whole Rafflecopter thing a try. What in the world is there in Alaska to offer other than moose poop, snow, and freezing temperatures, and Pilot Bread? SO, you get crap something I made! It is a wool baby hat. It is wool, so it will need hand washed (sorry about that!) It's twin is on Bug's head below. This one has teal ear warmers, and a gray top. There is no pom pom, but I will happily add one for the winner! Or not, your choice!

Why am I doing a Giveaway? Well, one is that you all come here and read this crap I write. I know that I guilt half of you into it, but the other half? Not sure, but I appreciate it! I've driven you NUTS about voting for my husband, and begged for random acts of kindness AND YOU FOLLOWED THROUGH! It's Christmas. I love Christmas. I wish I could make everyone a gift, but I can't, but I wish!

So there it is. Good luck! There are different ways to enter, and none are mandatory! Check it out. I will be like Santa and checking in.
Not the same hat, but an adorable model!
The hat! 

. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. That is a ridiculously adorable hat. You're my new favorite blog, BTW.

  2. I have some nieces that would really like your hat! Bug is really photogenic, does he take a bad picture?

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  4. I really really love that! And it would look perfect on little Hannah's head! Not that I've met this kid yet but I'm sure she'll look good in that hat.

  5. Oh! How fun. I know people who have babies and everyone likes cool presents!

    1. Remember pulling crap out of hats an trying to be fair? WHERE was this when we needed an easy way to do a giveaway!?

  6. It's adorable! I have my own 'bug' who would suit it so well!

  7. Love that hat!! And my favorite part of the holidays is staring at my Christmas tree. And stockings. :)