Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend Trip (Part 1)


Okay, now that I have that out of my system....

This is only part 1 because I am too lazy to give a full re-cap. I will! I promise. I read some news that made me sad, and when I'm sad I don't really feel like writing a whole bunch. SO you get this crap.

We are back! We left Saturday morning to go to a friend's house south of Denali National Park and about 150 miles from our house. Since we have the Bug and didn't want him to be in his car seat for 6 hours, we stayed overnight. The trip down was great. It was snowing in Fairbanks.

The trip down was great. My husband is a great driver, and I am a horrible co-pilot. Bug and I fell asleep about 30 minutes outside of Fairbanks. I apparently slept through a Moose (THANK GOD.) I don't need to give you a blow by blow of our trip. Random photos! How's that? Can I give random photos and then write when I actually download the photos I took with the good camera? How does that sound? Good!? Great.

3 pm

North of Denali National Park

Bug's head was smaller than the rice krispe treat

I took 400 photos. I won't subject you to them. My husband took one. This one. 

That my friends is my driveway...that is how high the snow is on both sides of our's only December. We have 4/5 more months of snow. The wall is at least 5 feet tall. UGH.

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