Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Week

A week from today is Christmas. How is that EVEN possible? I have no idea where the past few months have gone. It feels like just yesterday that I was writing about that there were 37 days until Christmas. WHERE DID THE TIME GO!!

I will say that for the first time EVER. I followed through and made Christmas gifts! Not everyone's so don't worry too much, but I did! I will tell you what I made AFTER Christmas since I L-O-V-E surprises, and don't want to ruin them.

Today we had our water delivered (yay) and I gave our water guy a box of Spicy Pretzels, and a gift card to the local coffee stand. I love Starbucks as much as the next guy, but, you have to help the little guy, PLUS, they have a drive up window. Their coffee is better too. I gave the same thing to our mail delivery girl. I have no idea what her name is, BUT her gift was made and left in the mailbox. Hopefully a creature doesn't get it.

The only thing that I didn't get enough done of was cookies. Not even close. It is REALLY hard with Bug to get ANYTHING done, let alone cookies. He REALLY loves the mixer, and so when I have it going, he has to be RIGHT THERE watching. Next year I'll start earlier and freeze a bunch.

Still trying to finalize the Christmas Day dinner. I went to the store yesterday to buy a ham. They were on sale for $2.79 a pound. While looking at hams, I noticed that the MASSIVE ham was priced at $1.99 a pound. I asked the butcher the difference and he told me that someone wasn't paying attention. I offered to pick a different one and he told me to go check it out. SO for about $10.00 more than I was expecting we have a 20# ham. It's a good thing I like ham. It's also a good thing we have friends coming over.

I haven't thought a lot about not being home for Christmas. We have gone home every year for Christmas, except for the year we lived in Denmark, even then family came over. Having Bug just makes it so much fun for me. I don't think I'll be too sad, and I do not regret our decision to NOT fly with an 8 month old over the holidays. Christmas gifts are in the mail, or set to be delivered. Most of our gifts are wrapped (but not out because Bug would be all over them.) I am impressed that I got more done then I thought possible with a baby. I do not know how moms who work full time and have kids get everything done. YOU are my hero!

I'm exhausted and I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of stuff....Oh well!

Oh! Voting for Adam closes this Friday! I've slacked off on driving everyone nuts reminding people to vote. So, go vote for Adam (or Harvey!)


  1. As a working Mom with a 6.5 month old, I can assure you that everything does not get done. I keep trying though! (There are about five ornaments on the tree, which is good enough for me. )

    Love your writing style. Makes me laugh and I used to also enjoy your other blog. :)

  2. You amaze me....I have no kid or husband to take care of and I'm not ready for Christmas yet.....Gifts still waiting to be wrapped....Didn't send out any of the cards I purchased.....I feel like a real slacker, now!

    Just a thought....If you don't want to cook your entire massive ham for your Christmas, you could cut a chunk off and freeze it for later before you cook it.