Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane....

I was 24 years old before I took my first airplane ride. I was a NERVOUS wreck (and that is an understatement.) I ONLY flew because my boyfriend (now husband) was working outside of Jackson Hole, WY at a snow machine lodge. He had limited use of a phone (satellite phone) and was there for three months. That and I missed him. Dumb Love.

Don't get me wrong. My parents TRIED to take me on a plane. When I was 10ish we were going to Florida. My poor mom and dad talked about flying down and I had a freak-out-meltdown. NO WAY, NO HOW was I flying. Instead of listening to me cry DAILY about how I wasn't going to be able to go to Disneyland, my wonderful momma and poppa bought a van and they drove us.

I would have left me at home. My parents are too good to me.

Anyway, why the rambling? We are getting ready to fly to Pennsylvania on Wednesday. Do you want to know HOW excited I am to fly with an 8 month old? ---> <--- that excited. Bug is 8 months old and has already flown twice. This will be his third time traveling by plane. I'm not TOO worried about him. It's all the things that can happen.

The first time was HORRIBLE! He was a rock star.

We left Seattle at 10pm, got delayed 9 times and had two flights cancelled. We ended up stranded in Chicago, and by some miracle, a wonderful United employee got me to Pittsburgh. It involved one more airport (D.C.) and a mad dash through the airport (with an 8 week old) to catch our flight that was taking off in 11 minutes.

Once we got to the plane (we were the last ones) we sat down and took a breath. Once the poor flight attendant moved people around. I guess they didn't notice the baby in lap, it was a small plane,and only one seat had an infant air mask. Bug was crying, I was crying, it was horrible. The pilot started the plane and it started to fill with smoke. We all had to exit the plane, and some wonderful guy grabbed my bags and told me to just worry about the baby.

I wanted to kiss him. I also wanted to cry.

It was nice to take a breather and hang out in the airport without running, with peeing, and let Bug lay on a blanket and stretch out.

We finally made it to Pittsburgh at 7pm, and to my parents house around 11pm (it's not THAT far, but we had a few stops on the way.)

Things that I learned while flying with an infant.

1. Breath. I was TERRIFIED of angry people. I was so worried about them being mean to me. Luckily, everyone was really nice. Bug also never said a single word the entire time. He cried out once while the first plane was taking off, but that popped his ears and he was fine then. On our second flight (of 4 total) the flight attendant gave him wings and said he was the best baby ever. Well, duh. At some point I know I will have an upset baby and an upset person near me.

2. Clothes. Bring at least an extra change of clothes for yourself and a few outfits for the baby. Nothing like baby puke at 30,000 feet. Also know that a lot of planes do not have a changing table.

3. Food! At the time that we flew, I was pumping for him because he couldn't suck. (Start sarcasum font) It was AWESOME (end sarcasm font.) Nothing like trying to find a place to pump in an airport. As a side note Seattle has awesome spots for momma's in the bathroom. Chicago had family bathrooms that you could lock yourself into. Anyway, Bug also was getting formula. LUCKILY I am a nut and packed enough for a week, but make sure you have enough food for the baby.

4. Diapers and wipes. Make sure that you have enough! You never know what will happen, and being stranded at an airport with a baby...nothing worse than not having clothes.

5. While the plane is taking off and landing, make sure your baby is sucking on something. It will help with the change in the ear pressure.

Those are pieces of advice that I got when I flew with Bug. They have been helpful each time we've flown. The plane is like a giant white noise machine. I hope that helps for Bug this time too. He is quickly needing entertained all the time, and I know that soon I will need more tricks in my book!

Do you have any advice for flying with a baby?


  1. 1) Get a raging head cold right before you fly. It will suck, you may go deaf temporarily, and the pain may make you want to split your skull open, but after enough repetitions, you will never be upset with a baby crying on a plane again. It is excruciating.

    1. I am sorry that happened to you but, Oh Lord, the way you put that is hysterical.

  2. I have flown a lot with both my kids and the biggest pieces of advice I have are these:
    Bring plenty of food and drinks. The more a baby chews or sucks the less likely their ears will hurt. Also, go to the store and buy the most annoying light and sound toy you can find. Anything to keep his attention. Finally, avoid the tiny airplane bathrooms if at all possible. Change diapers before boarding and always have a change of clothes and extra diapers in your purse under the seat. That way you can deal with emergencies without leaving your seat.

    If you would like a laugh about my traveling with kids failures, check out my blog posts on the topic :-) And remember, it can't be that bad...

  3. Wasn't your first plane ride with my dad in his plane?

    1. YES!! Duh! I was 23. I guess the scariest part for me was the whole navigating the airport part. Your poppa was so nice to me! It was AWESOME to see my parents house from above!!

  4. There was a screaming baby on board my flight home from Phoenix last week, I'm sure the airline loved it as it boosted the sales of overpriced hard liquor, I was cracking up!

  5. New toys...things he has never seen before....when i flew with my then 2 yr old son, at 7 mos preggo by the way, i bought new things, and wrapped them for him to unwrap and play with...that part you may not be able to do now...this was in 2002. We flew A LONG WAY, from Turkey, to CA.....

  6. I have no advice about flying with a baby because I have never flown with or without a baby, but I will say that I'm super excited to have you back in PA for awhile!!!