Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Not Moosing Around Here..

I joke about my fear of moose. It's because they get cranky (like me) and want to stomp you into the ground (like me.) Heck, maybe we should be friends. Anyway. Last night I was trying to put Bug down for his nap and as I walked past our front door I noticed a LARGE black object ON THE PORCH.


It scared the crap out of me, then I realized that it was a moose. ON MY PORCH. I turned the light on, but she didn't go very far. Apparently, the snow around our house is quite tasty. I tried scaring her off. She didn't give a damn. (Much like the Honeybadger.)

I called Adam to warn him, and told our tenant to be aware of the new friend nearby. I thought I'd open the front door to try to scare her off...nope, no fear. Adam had to honk his horn a few times to get her to move away from the house when he got home.

She really was pretty, and I was impressed with how clean she looked. Bug thought she was the coolest thing ever. He kept pounding on the window. (She didn't care.)


  1. Can moose come through the window? That would be scary!!

  2. That reminds me when my son and I were trapped by a black bear once in Tennessee. Even though I had the garbage locked in a container, bolted to the exterior of the cabin he still broke in (he tore the enclosure off the cabin). I tried clanging pans but we had to wait until he had his fill. 45 minutes later I realized he ate all the cookies and chips and left some fruit - he was not a health nut.

  3. I was a little bothered recently when there were deer looking in the windows.....but I cannot even imagine what it is like to see a moose that close to the house. I can totally understand your fear of the animal! By the way....can you please keep your cold Alaskan weather in Alaska? I'm not really enjoying - 40 degree windchill!