Thursday, January 9, 2014

Straw and Wine - Throwback Thursday

My life isn't "that" exciting, but yet, I still write.... (Sorry about that.)

There are so many stories that I tell people after the fact. Some are embarrassing, some are sad, some make you think what the !@#$. I will classify this one under embarrassing. I'll use Thursdays to tell random old stories...aren't YOU excited! Unless of course Bug does something EXTRA adorable. That trumps any crazy story I may have.

First let me start with that I have amazing friends. AMAZING. We go away a few times a year to  Girl's Weekend and what happens at Girl's Weekend, stays at Girl's Weekend. Since I apparently feel that it's my duty though to warn the world of certain dangers, I will tell you one part of one girls weekend.

Once upon a time my BGF (best girl friends) and I went to an island off of Seattle. We stayed at a friend's mom's summer home and all was right with the world. Like any good girls weekend an ample supply of wine was brought.

Pre-Wine, but I'm pretty sure there is booze in that bucket.

All was going right in the world, when I went to open a bottle of wine. It was a screw off, so should have been easy to open right? Wrong. I could not open it. I tried. My friends tried. Every.Single.Person tried. Instead of panicking I decided to do the next logical thing and use a wine opener in a metal top.

It worked! I was thrilled.

I then had the problem of a wine bottle with large metal shards sticking out of it. I didn't want to risk loosening the metal shards...what was I to do? Luckily I learned survival techniques from my husband. I found two straws and fashioned an extra long straw. It worked. Just call me MacGyver. It worked quickly, and somehow the whole bottle disappeared in a short order.

Not a great life choice.

So the moral of this story my friends, don't let your friends drink wine out of a bottle with a straw. I "may" have gone swimming in the Sound. I also may have taken a "nap" under the dining room table after trying to "help" make Sushi. I have great friends.

Also, Bug, if you're reading this remember this this story is fake. Definitely fake. I would NEVER do such crazy things. 

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  1. Been there... at a friends going away party I kept pouring beers into a pineapple shaped cup with a straw and lid... It just went down so much quicker and I had to keep refilling it because I was so darn thirsty. I was the best dancer that night, I was the best looking girl at the party, I was smart, and funny and everyone thought so... turns out that wasn't the case. At. All.