Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Update

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours in the car driving my husband to the airport so he could fly back to Alaska and go to work. Stupid work. Bug stayed with my parents, and it was the longest he has ever been away from  me. Do you think he was excited to see me at all? NO. The kid just wanted his Grandpa. Nothing like feeling the love there.

In the middle of driving down and back from the airport, I stopped at the Outlet Mall to buy some clothes for Bug. I can't believe that he is in 12 month clothes already and almost into 18 depending on the brand. They need a "rent-an-outfit" business out there...It would be much cheaper in the long run!

This past weekend Bug was baptized. I thought for sure that he would throw a massive fit at some point. He had to get up early, and make it to the church (on time.) We tossed him into his adorable suit, which didn't fit around his little chubby neck. His nap was suppose to be at 10am, and it was closer to noon before we put him down. The good little guy went right (well, almost right) down for his nap.

So much craziness for one day, and he was so good.

In other news, today Bug is officially 9 months old. Sunday we were able to see our friend's newborn son. He is two weeks old and holding him makes Bug look like a toddler.  He's growing up so fast. On Saturday he said his first clear word, he's said Mamamama before, but on Saturday he said, "done."

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  1. I can't believe he's saying words already!! He was just a tiny baby yesterday! When you get sick of flying alone with him on your way back, just drop him off in Anchorage for a few days.