Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Confessions #ThingsIDoInTheShower

Sunday Confession is the brainchild of More Than Cheese and Beer.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  You can link your blog or post your confession in the comments section of her Sunday Confession, or send anonymous confessions to her via Facebook or Twitter (@MKitchenWitch).

When I first saw this prompt I thought of a MILLION ways that I could turn this inappropriate or funny. They'd all be lies. Funny/Inappropriate lies, but lies. The second thing I thought of was "Ha, what shower?" Since Bug was born the amount of time that I spend in the shower has been dramatically decreased. I use to sing in the shower. I AM NOT a good singer. Children cry, lemmings jump off cliffs, you get the idea. I still do it, but only when no one is around. I barely have time to think in the shower now, let alone sing.

Take one Bug and add to that our lack of water and you get Navy showers. What's a Navy shower you ask? You hop in the shower and "wet up" and then turn off the water. You scrub all things that you need to scrub. You shampoo your hair, wash your face and you turn the water on and then quickly rinse. 

Perhaps you are new to this blog and are wondering where the hell our water is.... We live in Alaska, and do not have a well, nor do we have city water. We have a holding tank. Once every 2-3 weeks on a Wednesday, Paul comes to our house with his handy-dandy water delivering truck and fills our 1500 gallon tank. Water is 10 cents a gallon, which is cheap, but when you spend $100-$150 on water every two weeks that ads up. 

So, what do I do in the shower? Not much! Every once in a while we need to use up XXX number of gallons of water before the truck comes, and when that happens, I hide in the shower! 


  1. Congrats on your FIRST confession! It is a great addition to the line-up this week and I hope you'll participate in the future. Also...I don't know if I could live on Navy showers. You're brave.

  2. My kids would not survive Navy showers. They take longer showers than I do. Anyone else who needs to shower can forget it after one of them has been in there. No hot water for days.