Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Less than a month ago we moved to Fairbanks. What's more fun than taking a 3 month old infant on a 9 hour plane ride to our new home. The new home that my husband and I bought...the one that I had yet to see. Many of my friends asked me "who in their right mind let's their husband pick out a house without you seeing it?" I reminded them that they answered it already with "in their right mind." The Bug (sadly, we rarely call him his real name, so I will just call him Bug here too) was 4 weeks old when his dad flew to Fairbanks from Seattle to look for a house. I was getting about 4 hours of sleep a day. I wasn't in my right mind, but I was in my right mind when I met and married Bug's dad 7 years ago. He knows me well, and knows that he'd have to live with me if I hated it. He's not stupid.

So, why a blog? Many of you might have found this blog from my horse blog. The horse has been with her new owner for over a year now, and there was no real point to write a blog about a horse I didn't have. Now I had an equally expensive addition to my house (the infant.) I loved the people who read my blog. They are wonderful, and amazing. I miss them and writing. Since everyone keeps telling me "get a hobby" and drinking copious amounts of wine with a 4 month old would be frowned upon, and isn't a hobby ( and honestly, I couldn't do it anymore anyway) I figured what else?

Things I enjoy:

1. Photography. I enjoy taking photos, but I'm not good at it. Goal #1 get better at photography
2. Baking. (But stop eating the damn things!)
3. Riding (Hard to do with an infant)
4. Making crap (I say crap because 83% of the time it doesn't turn out the way I want it to, and I'm anal.)
5. Talking about myself.

I figured the only thing that I have time to do right now is talk about myself, and I can include the rest of the above list in this blog.

Usually I am in a frazzled state when I write and my topic bounces from one to another without much transition. The positive is now I'm going to blame the infant when really that's just who I am.

So, welcome! Welcome to watching the city girl learn to live as an adult in Alaska with an infant without going crazy (no promises on the last part!)


  1. YEAH YOU MADE A BLOG!! Super excited for your new adventures and glad you are back to blogging. New adventures, here we come.

  2. Yay you're back!!!!!!!! It freaked me out when your old blog disappeared. I can't believe Denali has been in her new home for over a year. Wow time flies. I look forward to reading this blog and I'm so happy you're back. The bug is adorable!!