Monday, September 16, 2013

!@#$ I Bake I keep sane.

I use to love to bake. At one point in college I made cookies and fudge for an amusement park. I couldn't vary from the recipe and "experiment" but I still had a fun time doing it. In our past two apartments our kitchen was the size of an airplane bathroom. I hated cooking and baking in them and always wanted to go out, OR would talk my hubby into cooking.

Now, now I have a kitchen! While it's not huge, and many of you would probably think "eh, my kitchen is bigger then that, it's HUGE for me.

Enter the cupcakes. I have decided that I have passed over mom status and went straight to grandma status I bake all day and listen to NPR. Sigh...

Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes
Downfall of baking cupcakes is that I eat said cupcakes....NOT great for the old weight watcher's that I'm on. NOT great at all. Last week I gained a pound, then remembered the ENTIRE plate of Double Chocolate Banana Cookies (SERIOUSLY, addicting... I can't make them again.)

I took the Lemon Cupcakes to a potluck that we (and I think the rest of Fairbanks) went to on Saturday. We didn't stay super long since someone put fireworks in the fire and I wasn't very pleased with the result. Bug thought it was fine, I had visions of being hit in the head by a bottle rocket.

Sunday my husband went and got wood for our wood burner. We have heat, but it's always nice to have a fire. I went and pulled the logs out of the woods that I cut for making raised beds. It now looks like we're trying to build an ark or some sort of shanty in the back yard. About 15 8ft logs laying around.

This morning I had to drop my car off at the garage. This was the temperature. Who's jealous!? It's suppose to snow. Yes, it's September. Yes, that's Fahrenheit.  JOY!

In other exciting news, I got a "job" I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.


  1. Cold weather, log cutting, wood stove, baking... :D It's like little house in the big woods. You make me wish I could wear a sweater even though it's 90f here.

  2. Ok, I thought only the cool kids listened to NPR...does this mean I'm no longer a cool kid?

    Besides being disappointed that I'm no longer a cool kid, I'm really happy you're blogging again and am really looking forward to reading about all the new adventures. :-)

  3. Hi! I am glad to see your new blog. But now I need the recipe for the Double Chocolate Banana Cookies. They sound awesome. Are you willing to share it?

    1. I will totally type it up and share it. FAIR WARNING. You WILL consume EVERY SINGLE COOKIE and you will gain about 3 pounds (speaking from experience here.) Don't blame me. :0)