Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Before Bug was born, and after Denali was gone, I needed SOMETHING to snuggle with at night. I asked my husband if I could foster cats from one of the local non-profits. Fostering animals was a super rewarding experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ANYWAY. One of our foster cats weaseled her way into our house and so we adopted her. She was caught wild as a 4 month old. THAT as a fun experience, especially when she needed medication daily for a few weeks.

 A few months later we fostered a litter of kittens (OMG SO CUTE!) and Nittany, was obsessed with one of the babies. SO, we adopted him as well and named him Boone. I wanted snugly. I got standoffish-ex-feral cat and her trusty sidekick Boone. Neither of them are snugly and both of them like to keep to themselves unless it's dinner time.

Boone was the last litter that we fostered because I soon found out that Bug was on his way and I couldn't help with the litterbox anymore (BEST thing about being pregnant was that...) I wasn't sure how Nittany and Boone would handle a baby and didn't want to be one of those people who posted an AD on Craigslist that said "Baby on the Way, Cats need to go." I knew we had to make it work.

To my shock and surprise, the cats are AMAZING with Bug. He, of course, is obsessed with them and screams with delight and also cries his eyes out when the leave the room. It's okay, sometimes I want to leave the room too!

Boone has decided that he is a country cat now, and he NEEDS to be outside as much as possible. I DID NOT want to let him out, but if I didn't he'd scream and cry ALL-!@#*&$-DAY-LONG. I do not understand why. He was NEVER allowed outside, EVER. Anyway, we live in the middle of no where, so I let him out. We've only had one incident of a VERY LARGE Great Horned Owl hanging out one day trying to decide which one to eat first. (That's another story. FYI- Owls are FRICKING HUGE!!)

Anyway, all of that to get to this point. Boone has been going outside a lot. It has been cold and Boone would go out for HOURS. He's a good boy and does come when you call him. Lately when he's come home he's been warm and dry. I've been suspecting that he's been cheating on our family and so I decided to get him another collar (his sister takes them off and we never find them again.)

When I went to the store to make one I came up with this:

I figure if he comes home with a different collar that says "Yes he does" I'll call it good and send him with his toys. Hopefully it doesn't come to that. 


  1. I've always wanted a cat that would bump his forehead to mine and want to hang out on my shoulders.

    I have two as well. Neither one of them does either of the two things above, but one does chirp and grab my leg (he's smart enough to not use his claws for this) when he wants me to pick him up to snuggle, and plays fetch like a dog. The other is a lap cat, especially when it's cold, but especially when she's hungry...she'll jump on my lap while I'm at my desk so she can stand right between me and the computer monitor. Haha...She is a calico, so everything is on her own terms. They don't go outside, so ours is their only family.

    A long time ago, I had one boy cat we adopted as an adult and he would carry on and on and on like Boone. Thankfully he also liked to play a lot, so we'd make him chase a fishing rod toy (Da Bird-it's awesome) for 15 minutes every time he started screaming. Immediately after, he'd get a snack (this was a way to simulate hunting and eating, which I figured was his main reason for wanting to go outside) and then he'd sleep for hours after. The most we ever had to do this was twice a day. He eventually forgot he wanted to be an outside cat-it was a lot more fun to play indoors. Lol He died of old age with us many years later.

    Yours are ADORABLE in that photo! I laughed with the collar tag idea-very clever!