Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Before I became a mom I was a REALLY good backseat driver. As a teacher of kiddos with Emotional/Behavioral problems some (not all, most of my kiddos had kick ass parents) of their problems started at home. As a result, I would often discuss the things that I would and would never do. While I've stuck my ground for most things. HOWEVER, there are a few things that came to light AFTER the Bug was born.

1. I said I would NEVER co-sleep with my baby. I thought it was unsafe and would just teach him to sleep in my bed until he turned 12. HOWEVER. No one told the Bug that he was suppose to sleep in his own bed. The first three weeks home he wouldn't sleep ANYWHERE but on my chest. Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of sleep, and we eventually figured it out, but I'm totally guilty of him still taking naps in our bed with us still. (Note: Please don't go on a tangent below on how unsafe co-sleeping is. To each their own, and we are safe with the covers pulled down and he had his own little bed in our bed.) He is currently in his own room with his on bed asleep...for now.

2. I said NO ELECTRONICS or TV. That one sort of went out the door when I was visiting my parents. My dad was watching him so I could go for a walk. Well, I came home and Bug had watched the entire Pirate game on TV. He also loves Ellen (but, who doesn't.) We also live a bazillion miles from Grandmas, so we Skype and Facetime with them a few times a week. He doesn't get to watch TV (we don't have cable, too much crap on TV for me to justify paying for it right now.) He does LOVE the iPad. He tries to grab it every time I try to check my e-mail.

3. THIS. I said I would never buy this sign for my car. I made fun of people who had these signs in their cars and thought, "What the hell difference does that make."
Then I had Bug. The moment they handed him to me (okay, not the moment, I had an anxiety attack before I had my C-Section, so I was OUT-OF-IT, but that's another story for another time.) The moment they handed him to me I knew I had to protect him. There is nothing more terrifying than the nurses handing you your baby and wishing you luck when you leave the hospital. Every car around me scared me. Even today, I am TERRIFIED of someone hitting my car with Bug in it. I decided those signs REALLY mean this.

I've already informed my husband that he'd need to bail me out of jail because if anyone ever hits my car with Bug in it, I will lose my ever loving mind. Ah, maternal instinct. (I'm still not getting one of those signs, but at least now I understand it and won't make fun of people anymore.) He said "maybe." 

In other news, I finished the garden beds tonight. I now have an additional 112 sq ft to garden next spring. They look pretty good for a girl that hasn't built anything in a bazillion years. It was super fun too. NOW, we need to fill them, which isn't going to be cheap, BUT think of all the great veggies we are going to have in the Spring! 

Between the garden beds is a little path that we are going to turn into an actual path down to our fire pit (which has yet to be built, but soon!) I think it's going to look cool. I still need to Moose proof it. I've seen other places moose proofed and it seriously looks like they took the left over fencing from Jurassic Park when filming wrapped up. 10 foot fences and lots of wire. Either that or they really do have baby dinosaurs there. It's Alaska. Who knows! 


  1. I vote yes to dinosaurs.

    Why is dirt expensive? Can't you just use one bed to feed a moose and then exploit the crap it leaves behind?

  2. Moose can jump which is why the fences have to be so high. My garden area isn't fenced and they ate all my broccoli and cauliflower. Even my decorative cabbages got munched on. For some reason they haven't bothered the potatoes or carrots.

  3. I am still like that and my son is 14, taller and stronger than I am and thinks I am big dork! I never ends :).