Thursday, September 26, 2013


I never use to swear. Honest. I was so terrified of my mother (even though she is a super nice lady)  that I am 99% sure I was 16 before I said shit. I was in college before I dropped the F-bomb. Apparently I've spent my adult life trying to make up for it. I obviously NEVER swore at work. That's a big no-no as a teacher. Outside of work, that's another story. Since Bug came along I've been trying to quite cold turkey. I'm really trying.

Spent all night hauling leaves to fill up my future veggie growing machines. I like your ideas of using one to feed the moose and then using moose poop to fertilize!  I'm going to catch a baby moose and break it to ride. Sort of like this:

Yes, yes. I know that's photo shopped. Besides from the horrible photo shop job, the confirmation of the moose would never allow for her to be sitting like that. At least not with getting a forward swing at the trot like that. 

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  1. Love the new header, totally agree on the moose--despite an excellent range of motion, he looks pretty locked up through his shoulders and low neck. There isn't enough long and low in the world to get that moving. :p