Friday, September 13, 2013

What do you do with a 4 month old...

I often think to myself...."What are we going to do today Bug?" THEN THIS Song gets stuck in my head...


Bug sort of reminds me of a drunk sorority girl sometimes...happy and laughing one second...screaming and crying the next. The joys!

We just got to Alaska, so I haven't really figured out what to do with a 4 month old yet. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time sitting still. I get "Cabin Fever" overnight most of the time. SO, to have a 4 month old in the mix, and to live 10 miles from town...let's just say that things are different.

Bug is pretty easy to entertain. He has what we call his "Office" which is really an Exersaucer, but he sometimes has such serious looks on his face that we decided that he must be working really hard. He has two associates. Mr. Frog, who is on the way out. He doesn't get any work done that Bug asks, and is really a lazy individual. There is also Ms. Butterfly which Bug has been hitting on for quite some time it seems. She hasn't caught on yet, so we'll see if there is a budding office romance.

The "Office" is the only way I get ANY work done round the house. Although I have learned that I need to be careful where I put the office.

Exhibit A.

At least I know what he's getting for Christmas. Seriously, I left him there for 5 seconds. TOPS. I went to pick up a bottle to wash. He sure is funny and I'm sure I'll win Mother of the Year. 

The only thing in our schedule now is story time at the library. It really is fun, and Bug does love to see the other babies. I could NEVER understand why people took 4 month old kids to story time. Now I get it. He loves it, and I love watching him. 

Someone asked about the light. I "think" sunrise is at 7 and sunset is at 8. When we got here in August it was only dark for 4 hours, so it quickly changes. It is around 50 degrees and the leaves are all changing. There is a Starbucks in town, so I was able to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte and enjoy that with the leaves. I keep thinking it's October, nope...beginning of September. 

Today we stopped and I bought some fabric. I told the lady I was going to make a quilt (never did that before) she asked of what pattern, and I told her I'm making it to look like the Northern Lights. Without a pattern. Honestly, if I get the fabric out of the bag and wash it I'm going to call it a win! I'll post a "before" photo of the fabric and maybe in 4 or 5 years I'll post the after photo. 

While buying the fabric there were two college kids looking at fabric to buy for a toga party. They made my day in multiple ways. 1. They said "girl" when addressing me. 2. When I told them I graduated from college 10 years ago, they didn't believe me. I loved them. Just to prove how mature I am in my old age (32) I told the one kid to pick the one with the dogs (wiener dogs) on it. He said, "Why is that?"  Because now you can tell the girls to ask you about your wiener without the cops being called. 

I think that's the most adult conversation I've had this week (other than the hubby). Do 18 year old college kids count as adult? I think so... 

Oh! The Mousse. Here's the photo. Thanks everyone for finding me and following along. 

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