Friday, September 20, 2013

Child Development

My background is in education. I did my undergraduate in Elementary and Special Education. I'm also certified to teach middle school math, science, Reading, Language Arts, and High School Home Ec (don't ask.) I got my Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. I know a LOT about Child Development. I spent 8 of my 10 years of teaching working with kiddos with Severe Emotional/Behavioral Problems. I even won a teaching award and got to be honored at an NFL game last September.

I know a lot of "What not to do." I know a lot of "What you should do." What I know and what I do are two different things sometimes. I KNOW that I should watch my mouth around the Bug and if I don't that one day his first word is going to be a swear word, BUT seriously, when I'm lugging an 18 pound kid in a 10 pound car seat and a 89 pound diaper bag (didn't weigh that, but I'm pretty sure it's only off by a pound or two) and I come to a door to doesn't end well. I try. I totally have cut my swearing back by at least 75%, but that still leaves me higher than the average. I don't "think" I'm swearing that much around him, but I still catch myself once in a while. NOT good parenting. I know this. In turning down the swearing I've had to turn up my other skill. Sarcasm. Not only do I swear, I'm super sarcastic. To the point that people take me seriously and then I have to tone it back and then I just seem weird.

My husband and I had the following conversation tonight.

Me: "I really like that you speak Danish to the Bug, it will help him be Tri-lingual."

Husband: "Tri-lingual? What other language is he going to speak?"

Me: Sarcasm.

Parenting for the win!

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  1. Haha! Well, as long as he swears sarcastically in danish, most people won't pick up on it.