Friday, December 20, 2013

Bug Update

Tomorrow Bug will be 8 months old (sniff, sniff.) We are going on a fun family adventure for the weekend (and I will update you after it is over, with pictures I hope.) Since I won't be posting on Saturday, If figured I'd post this now.

Things Bug Can Do:
1. Crawl
2. Crawl MUCH faster when you say "no."
3. Laugh
4. Laugh when you say "no."
5. He knows to look at you first before he tries to go for something he can't have (aka-cat food, hot wood stove, electrical outlets, all safe things.)
6. Pull himself up (on EVERYTHING.)
7. Walk around holding onto things.
8. Get his little boy part outside of his diaper and pee all over EVERYTHING (hey, it's a skill. I can list it!)
9. Babble and babble and babble. When he was super tiny he use to "talk" to his Aunt, but she was about it. I still think she is his favorite person to talk to. Now he talks to EVERYONE. We had his friends over to play today. Listening to them chat with each other-OMG, cutest thing EVER.
10. Eat food! FINALLY, he started eating solids the other day. We've realized he hates pureed food. He won't eat it. Right now he likes bananas, so we're sticking with that cut up into little bits. He would inhale a container of poofs if we let him.

He weighs around 20/21 pounds and is 29(ish) inches tall. He is now in his "big boy" car seat (and it is a pain in my ass.) LOVE the seat, but when you need to go to the store and it's -a billion out, I have to take him out of the car seat and can't just cover him in his infant seat and run. LOTS of layers and a large blanket to wrap him in. Bug has a TON of hair. I've already trimmed it up once, but I'm not sure he's going to make it to his first birthday for a "real" haircut. It's a mop. He looks like a Muppet when he bounces up and down. No teeth and wild crazy hair.

See- Muppet! 
Oh don't judge me for comparing my kid to a Muppet. I've been doing this crap since he was 6 weeks old.

Here is one good thing. At least if he ends up needing therapy some day because of his crazy mother, he can save some money by just sharing this blog with them. I'm always thinking of his future! 

In all seriousness (I'm about to get sappy,) I never thought it was possible to love someone so much. NEVER. He is amazing and funny and so sweet! I have no clue how in the world my life would change, but I am so glad it did! Happy 8 months baby boy! We love you! 

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  1. It's a little scary how much Bug can look like a muppet and a chipmunk when you put his picture next to theirs....maybe someday he'll have a future animated show created after him.....he could make millions and take care of you and Adam!

  2. He looks so handsome! Merry Christmas to you, Bug and Hub :).

  3. His favorite person to talk to? Sniff. Best Christmas present ever.