Wednesday, December 4, 2013


In August we bought a new car. I sold my in June to a wonderful family. I LOVED THAT CAR! How much did I love Carter? I posted his ad for you to laugh at on the blog FB page if you haven't seen it.

ANYWAY. I always name my cars. I have had Carly (the 91 Ford Taurus,) Carly 2 (the second 91 Ford Taurus,) Sally (the 98 Mustang), and Carter (the 98 Subaru.) When we bought my new mom mobile hot ride in August I informed my husband that my car was a girl, and I would think of a name later.

I've changed my mind. My car is a guy, and his name is Clark. Last week I hit some ice (in reality, for about a week the roads were all a sheet of ice) and we (Bug and I) started to slip and slid (and for the record, I did not break out into the song "Jesus Take The Wheel.") I did say a lot of prayers. LUCKILY my car slid for about 5 feet sideways and straightened itself back out and that was it. I decided he was my hero (Blizzak tires help too,) and so Clark it is! (As in Clark Kent...not Clark Griswold.)

ANYWAY (If you think I ramble in this blog, you should listen to me in REAL life) Clark has needed his oil changed for a WHILE. I wasn't too worried and have been putting it off. Who really wants to take an infant to the garage for who-knows-how-long?

Today was my last chance to go and get my oil changed sans child. For the past two weeks we have been SUPER lucky and have had my MIL here to visit with us and with Bug. Having help is WONDERFUL. I haven't mentioned her visit yet because I think it is weird when people tag themselves in places on FB. I usually think to myself, "you are asking for your house to be broken in!" (Seriously, Brooke, stay on task! FOCUS.) Anyway, the same thought goes into blogging about people visiting. I just didn't want people to go break into her house (and yes, you'd have to find it, but still.)

I kissed the Bug and left WAY before the sun came up (so around 9am.) I took my knitting, and went to the Ford dealership. Well, for a long story short, my oil changed turned into also needing new breaks and rotors. The nice guy came out and told me that normally he would suggest that I make a follow up appointment, but my breaks were so bad he wanted to do them now. JOY!

While waiting (and knitting AND watching TV- It was glorious...for a while) there was a cute little old guy (I'm a sucker for little old guys) and he was reading. There was coffee on the other side of the dealership, so I thought it would be nice to get him a cup. You know, random act of kindness. I ran to the bathroom, and when I came back out guess what he had waiting for me.

SERIOUSLY FAIRBANKS. This isn't helping me do random acts of kindness!!! I guess the rest of you need to step it up. :)

I was at the dealership for 5 hours. Luckily Bug LOVES his Grandma, so I felt good leaving him with her. I managed to knit not one, but two hats while sitting there. I still need to block it (new at knitting and I am 99% sure that is the correct term.) I told my husband I am going to make giant boob hats next. He rolled his eyes at me. I'm really surprised that he doesn't have more eye strain from all the eye rolls I get with my brilliant ideas. (Not really making boob hats.)

In other news. Clark met my mailbox yesterday. They did not play well with each other. I am now asking Santa for a new mailbox. Opps.

If you made it through this Blog post you get 392 hypothetical internet dollars (you should keep track. You'll probably get rich, internet rich that is.)  Ekk. Even I had a hard time following it. Sometimes, when you have 20 minutes between the Bug going down and you passing out, there isn't much time for a train of thought. My train of thought derailed a LONG time ago!

Oh yeah! Adam! Go vote for him here!


  1. I seriously love it that you can't stay focused in your posts! You make me laugh every time! I'm love it that the people in Fairbanks seem so nice that they beat you to doing random acts of kindness. It sounds like a nice place to live!

  2. Ramble on! I love finding a post from you most days, hearing what it's like to live in FBX, seeing pics of "Bug," and remembering what it was like to be home (from teaching) and raising our own two little ones. Go Adam!

  3. I got confused. What did he have waiting for you? I did not win the fake internet dollars.

    1. of coffee! i came back out and the little old guy had coffee waiting for me. NOT helping me Fairbanks! NOT HELPING. I have mommy brain-REAL thing.


    And you got coffee. :p