Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby Firsts - Haircut

Another blogger that I read writes, "Babies don't keep." She is 100% correct, and Bug is growing faster than I ever thought possible. How did THIS 
Photo credit to Jill

Go to an almost 9 month old!! HOW!? I do not know how this sweet little guy has grown into a little boy. They say time flies, but...well, I could go on and on about how big he is getting, and how sad it makes me. I won't. Well, I will, but I'll stop for now. 

Bug was born with long locks. At 10 days old a hairdresser offered to cut his hair. In my ideal world, I was planning on waiting until he was a year old, but that hasn't worked out. Bug's hair kept growing and growing. I trimmed it once, but didn't trust myself to do much more. 

Bug's dad had a haircut yesterday, so we figured we'd get Bug's first haircut. I thought he'd cry or something. Nope. He was so good. Lots of laughing and giggling. I was such a proud momma!

He wasn't really sure when she started.
I think the kid ate 9 combs. He kept dropping them and the lady cutting his hair
kept handing him a new, clean one. I loved her. 


Finish product! We miss the Muppet hair. 

Now, someone make time slowdown. Please!! When we got home tonight Bug was playing and crawling around. He fell, which he's done before, but this time he hit his gums and was bleeding. Poor guy. Life is hard when you're 8 months. 


  1. Aw, I miss the shaggy dark hair. It was like his baby backwoods badass look. Hopefully it grows back soon!

  2. Oh that's too cute! He looks adorable with his little cut!

  3. I can't see all the photos... btw, let me know if you ever want your books back. :) I've enjoyed them, but maybe they'll spark a love of horses in the Bug. :D

    1. Weird. Wonder why they aren't showing up. Books? Remind me!

    2. I bought some of your books when you had a fundraiser. Paid more than asking price. Willing to view it as returning a rental if you want em back. :D

  4. I can cover the shipping if you want, too. :)