Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Parenting Joys

Being a parent is HARD. Bug is only 8 months old, so I can ONLY imagine how much harder it gets. Totally worth it though, right?

Bug "was" a great sleeper. About a month and a half ago he decided that mom and dad were too exciting and he WOULD NOT go to bed. We didn't want him to cry, so I'd end up entertaining a baby at 10 pm. It wasn't good for my mental health to have zero time to do anything else (like shower...and eat.)

I started to read all the baby sleep books that I said I'd read before Bug was born. If you want to have kids someday, DO EVERYTHING before they come. That's the last "time" you will have. I am very, VERY lucky in that I have the world's most amazing husband. We sat down and discussed our goals, what was best for Bug, and what we could do to make sure we did the best thing for Bug. Being on the same page was so important.

One thing I learned in all those books was that Bug's bedtime was MUCH later than it should be. Opps. We would try getting him down around 8, 8:30. By then he was overtired and was WIRED.

Parenting is a learning curve.

So it's been a week and we've been doing Sleep Training. It's been gradual, and the first night was horrible (for us, not him) but the past couple of days he's been fine going into his bed. I have definitely cried a HELL of a lot more than he did. He still gets up at night, and I'm not willing to let him cry. He eats, gets changed and goes right back to sleep. Truthfully, I like our midnight snuggles. I'm hoping that with a schedule now (in bed around 7, passed out by 7:01 and up again at 7am) the night feeding will gradually go away.

I am NOT one for schedules. I can make them for other people, and all that fun stuff, but I like change and randomness. That was one of the main reasons I loved my job SO MUCH. It was always a different thing each day. Having to make a schedule and keep it...I'm not use to that.

Bug and I use to sleep on the couch until 9 am (he'd get up around 4, and we'd just sleep on the couch from then on...not great for getting him to sleep on his own.) This morning he was up at 7. His daddy got him a bottle and I stumbled out of the bedroom with my hoodie still pulled up over my head. I attempted to make coffee, but forgot to put a mug under the Keurig. Mornings are rough.

I know that if you as 10 people the same question, you'll get 900 answers. The best advice I got while pregnant was to listen to everyone, and make your own choices.

In other news, Martha the moose is back. She decided to sleep at my neighbor's house and then spent the day playing in her yard. Better her than me.


  1. " The best advice I got while pregnant was to listen to everyone, and make your own choices." I was just thinking that! Trust yourself and don't let others make you second guess yourself (hear that busy bodies!). You may feel like you are doing it wrong but at the end of the day you will know what is right for each of your children (no two are alike).

  2. When I first started reading, I thought maybe a tooth might be coming. Who knows, what I do remember though is, as soon as t thought we might have a schedule/routine going, it always changed. I love your attitude about change. My Mom was (still is) incredibly rigid about a schedule, and to this day, as soon as I think I may be starting a "routine" I scramble to change it.
    As long as he's not totally running the show, you're fine. As far as you and Papa being on the same page, that is very cool!

  3. Ugh...there are sooo many people out there with sooo many opinions! Our bedtime routine with the 11 month old (and has been since she was a few months old) is daddy gives her a bottle on the couch while we're watching TV, she falls asleep on him and stays there until we put her in bed. Not ideal for some, but works for us. Plus, daddy likes the snuggle time as he is at work all day and feels like he never gets to see her.