Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bug's Favorite Things

I've seen these blog posts about "Non-toy Gifts" for kids. Great examples like chalkboard mats, capes, hats, etc. Those are all great. Bug makes it even easier for gift purchasing. His favorite things in the entire world in no particular order (cue magical music)  

I bring you Oprah's Bug's Favorite Things:

1. Paper towels. He really likes them when they are still on the roll, but he will take them from anywhere. He especially enjoys when he is left to his own devices. I CAN'T LEAVE HIM FOR 2 SECONDS.

2. Cats. He LOVES them. Sadly, they only put up with him.

3. Outdoors. Seriously. The kid is obsessed.

4. Cords. He really likes them when they are plugged in, and prefers that they are a computer cord that he can put into his mouth and scare the crap out of his mom.

 5. Paper. I guess this goes with paper towels, but he loves it so much I guess it deserves two mentions. He likes boxes he can eat. He feels that the white ones have the best flavor, but that the brown ones age the best. 

6. Plastic Bags. he LOVES plastic bags. I figured that taking photos of him playing with electricity was bad enough, so there are no photos of him with a plastic bag. He particularly LOVES the garbage bags in the kitchen. 

7. My wallet. It's tasty, and he really likes to grab it out of his diaper bag when I'm not looking. I promise I watch the kid. Swear.

8. My hair. All these pregnancy books mention how your hair will fall out after you have your baby. I don't think one mentions that you will lose half your hair, and half of that is from your child ripping it out. Bug has ripped a very nice chunk of hair out right at the front of my head, so I look like I'm 6 and was left alone with scissors. It's not pretty! 

9. iPads. I was so anti-TV/electronics for him. I guess I still am, but am not as insane about it. He LOVES the iPads. His grandmas live in Pennsylvania and Facetime with him at least once a week. He LOVES his grandmas and spends most the time trying to figure out where they are. He will hold the iPad and keep looking behind it. Then he gets frustrated and cries. It is funny before it's not.

10. Anything that he isn't suppose to have. Mom has the Sriracha sauce out. He has to have it (don't worry. I'm not THAT stupid.) Our cell phones? Yes please! Dirty diaper? - HIS FAVORITE. 

Parenthood is AWESOME. 

I'm pretty sure I'm going to talk to Santa for the kid and just ask him to send Bug empty boxes with lots of tissue paper inside. It would his favorite thing ever. Or maybe Santa would send bottles of wine. I'd give the kid the boxes...promise. 


  1. meaty's favorite non-toy things:
    -microwave - good time to buy stock in hot pockets
    -my truck and needing to "drive"
    -any animals
    -letters and numbers

    kids are the best!


  2. So basically, Bug is the same as Ruby. They love the same things, but where Bug likes the iPad, Ruby likes to eat our cheap Ikea kitchen furniture....

    1. Well...he likes to chew on the furniture too. So far the similarities between dogs and babies are so similar...except yours is trained to go to the bathroom outside.

  3. I vividly remember laughing as a teenager when I saw a plastic bag with the words "This is not a toy" printed on it in giant letters. I thought it was so dumb, because of COURSE it's not a toy! And then I had a child.... who definitely thinks that plastic bags are toys...

    1. Lol. They are his FAVORITE! He's like a bloodhound...he can find one ANYWhere in a room!