Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh So Lucky!

Bug is still sick. His runny nose is getting somewhat he has a cough. It's so heartbreaking to hear him cough, cough, cough. I'm really hoping that he is feeling better SOON (AKA-NOT a snot factory.) I also wish he could understand that he shouldn't itch his face. If he rubs his face before I notice he is doing it, his entire face looks like he got slimmed. It isn't pretty!

In trying to be a good mom I went and bought him some natural cream that is LIKE Vic's Baby rub but without all the Petroleum....Great right?! WRONG. Well....great for Bug (and that's what this is all about) not great for me. I have really weird, random allergies to things. Sometime I will regale you with the story of Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon and the horrible grossness that resulted after....but no one really wants to hear about that....

Anyway, I put the cream on Bug's feet and then about half an hour later my lips got itchy, my arms got itchy, my face is itchy. OH parenthood is so fun!

Speaking of fun, did I mention that Bug pooped UP the back of his pajamas and DOWN the sleaves in his pajamas? He did. He needs some sort of award, and I need a bottle of wine prize for cleaning it up. It was just so impressive.

Happy November!

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