Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snow Day (Round 2)

Remember that snow storm we had on Saturday?

It was like fricking Groundhogs Day around here (movie, not the actual day.) My husband's work canceled the day (YAY! I think I love his job more than he does) so we got to spend the day together. By together I mean I shoveled the driveway while he was on Bug duties. 

I'm with Bug all day everyday, and while I LOVE it, my husband doesn't get the same privileges as me, so I offered to shovel the driveway. I figured it would help burn off the calories from my extra large rice krispe treat I ate at knitting last night. 

Our house is starting to look like we are preparing for an epic snow ball fight (note: the snow is not snowball making is powder - sad face.) There are piles of snow EVERYWHERE! If it keeps snowing I do not know where in the world it is going to go. A few piles are already up past my hips (and I have a 36" inseam.) 

At some point the snow turned to currently my driveway is turning into a skating rink. We started to shovel for the second time, and decided to wait. 

Isn't Alaska grand! 

In reality I really do like Alaska. It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! It looks like I live in a winter wonderland right now, since there is snow EVERYWHERE. 

Bug isn't real sure about the snow. He likes being outside and he has a tree out back that his dad walks him down to see. He loves trees. He does NOT like his sled.

Tonight while we were hanging up he decided he wanted something on the table, so he did what any quick thinking 6 month old would do and did this: 

(He then proceeded to eat my Joann Fabric coupons. Not cool kid. Not cool.) He was really proud of himself, but doesn't seem to understand that just because you do it once does not mean you are an expert at it. He kept getting frustrated that he wasn't going fast enough.. He was going all around the table, while his father spotted him and I cried. This kid is getting way too big too fast. He crawled a little bit the other day, but I'm not counting it. Not yet. I need to see some real movement kid before it goes into your baby book! 

In other news (for those of you who have asked) we currently have about 6 and 1/2 hours of light a day. Sunrise is at 9:24 am tomorrow and sunset is at 3:46 pm (so technically 6 hours 21 minutes.) The shortest day the sunrise will be at 10:58 am and sunset will be at 2:40 pm... I'm really looking forward to that! (I also really wish there was a sarcasm font.) 


  1. Glad that at least you still have some daylight, even on the shortest day. Just don't ever move to Barrow, AK. Apparently they have 67 "days" of solid night!

  2. And here I was whining about how short the days are here...10.5 hours...I guess I won't whine anymore.

  3. See, it sounds like a cool adventure when you say it.