Saturday, November 16, 2013

North Pole and Santa (again)

First things first. Guess what WE got to do today!? Shoveled snow. Jealous? I know that you are. Well...hubby shoveled snow this morning. I got to do it tonight. Yippee... (said in the most sarcastic tone ever.) 

Bug's dad had to got into work for a few hours, so Bug and I decided to go to North Pole to mail a bunch of letters from Santa. The roads are ice covered still but have ruts in them, so as long as you go the speed limit (or below) you're okay. I only saw two wrecks today. One wreck, they spun, hit a snow bank, threw a flare on the road, and pulled back out. Talk about my heart going into my throat. I never really worried too much about wrecking (even with the 3 wrecks I've been in, never my fault of course.) Now that I have Bug. Holy Crap do I get nervous. I really worry that if someone hits me I'm going to get arrested for assault. The History Channel could film Ice Road Truckers on the street by my house and no one would know the difference. 


The North Pole library is large. I took Bug and went in and asked the lady to "Santa-fy" my mail. Apparently they already are getting mail to get stamped and sent back out. EEK. Now I feel like I'm behind. I haven't started addressing a SINGLE Christmas card (but I have them which is WAY more than years past!) 

Since we were already in North Pole I decided to go the the Santa Claus house. SO MUCH CHRISTMAS!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Santa was there again. Funny thing. He totally remembered us from the last time we were there in October. I mean, he's SANTA, so I expect that, but still he is a busy man so I was impressed. I told him I wanted a snow blower for Christmas and a bazillion dollars AND for Bug to be happy. Simple right? An  employee  offered to take our photo. BUG WAS NOT IMPRESSED. My hair looked extra awesome (not) but why not.

What do you think?

Christmas Card appropriate? 

I took this photo on the way home while dropping off some trash. Ravens EVERYWHERE. It was around 3 pm and that is where the sun is. I also think the "high" today was 10 degrees and dare I say warm.
Ravens On Garbage 


  1. I am cracking up, love the santa photo!

  2. I'm almost jealous due to all the Christmas paraphernalia but 10 degrees being warm? I don't think so…;)

  3. I love that you and Bug are able to visit Santa whenever you want.....There's one advantage to living in a place where the sun is setting at 3PM!!!!

  4. We have one of those Santa photos as well. I promise I will have my Santa text to you soon!