Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Learning to Be Grateful...

...even if it is for Broncitis.

Bug hasn't been feeling well for a week. He had a cold, but just didn't seem to be getting better, so this morning I took him in to see a doctor. Poor guy has an ear infection starting and bronchitis. He's on antibiotics and a host of other things. His dad is allergic to penicillin, so now I am sitting here staring at him to make sure he doesn't break out into a rash or anything else.

I learned early on in motherhood, be grateful for what you have, even if it's bronchitis.

BB (Before Blog)

When Bug was about 3 weeks old we were given a referral to go to Children's Hospital in Seattle. Bug was having a hard time swallowing and sucking and his primary car physician wanted to rule out any issues. (I loved her.)

I'll save you the long story of our appointment. At the end we were given a diagnosis of "low muscle tone" and sent on our way. The OT that we saw told me that it was at the low end, but still in the average range. We were given exercises to do, and that was it.

I was heartbroken.

I've taught Special Education for 10 years, and if something were to be wrong with Bug, I wasn't sure I had the strength or the heart that the parents of my students demonstrated on a daily basis. They were stronger than me.

As I walked out of the hospital going over the "what ifs" in my head, and feeling sorry for myself,  my attitude was quickly adjusted. It was a beautiful summer day. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the warm breeze was blowing the scent of blossoms. It was a perfect day.

That's when  I saw them.

A mom and her son were sitting on a bench right outside the hospital.  He was hooked up to more bags than I could count without staring. He was thin and his skin was gray. He looked so frail.  His mom was sitting right next to him holding his hand with both of hers, he had his eyes closed staring at the sun. She kept staring at her son with a half smile on her face.

I realized what an ass I was for worrying about low muscle tone.

I wanted to walk over and hug that mom. I wanted to do something for her, but realized that the only thing she wanted, I could never give her. Before Bug, I would feel horrible when I would see a sick child. I would think how hard they had it, and wish them better. Now that I have Bug, I think about the parents too. I am also thankful for every cough, cold, and sniffle. I am thankful that Bug is healthy and he outgrew his problems.

The entire way home I cried. Not for Bug, but for the mom and her son and now every time we go to the doctor I think of them.

Facebook knows me well. It sort of freaks me out with what it places as "ads" and "Suggested Pages to Like" It always suggests blogs, baking or cooking sites, or sick kids. I always like the sick kids pages. Not that "liking" a page does anything, but if Bug ever (God forbid) had an illness, I would want everyone to pray for him. So I do.


  1. So sad. :( Glad Bug is (relatively) healthy.

  2. I have a six-month old and the idea of the sick child and his mother just starting at him for as long as she can is heart-wrenching beyond belief. I am grateful every day that my baby is healthy.