Friday, November 29, 2013

S'mores Cake

I volunteered (I would have totally died in the Hunger games...I volunteer for everything) to make a cake for a party next weekend. In my head I had a great idea, but wanted to try it out prior to needing to present it to 20 some people. (Best idea I've ever had.)

One of the girls hosting it sent me some pictures and I figured, "I can do that." She wanted a cake that looked like a S'more.

I used a recipe from Trophy Cupcakes for their S'mores Cupcakes, but decided to just use the same recipe and make it into a cake.

Since I own one cake pan. ONE. (And that is thanks to Shannon and Chris) I didn't have many options, but I am glad I ended up using the Springform.

Here are the directions on how to make Smores Cupcakes but since I took a !@#$ ton of pictures of the process, you got to suffer through those as well. Be excited.

Delicious cake batter
Ground graham crackers and butter. 
 Since I wasn't pressing them into cupcake liners, I jammed as much of the graham cracker/butter/sugar creation into the bottom of the Springform pan. Side note: Don't taste the graham cracker/butter/sugar or else you will eat 1/2 of it and need to break up more graham crackers to make enough to cover the bottom of your pan. Go ahead and ask me how I know this....

Before you put the graham cracker batter in the oven, sprinkle chocolate over it. It is DELICIOUS as a result! 

You toss in the batter after it comes out and voila! A cake! 

Be prepared for more random cake photos.....

Cake 2, I put some graham cracker batter on the top (because I had to make more for some weird reason *cough*cough*)

I have yet to perfect the art of making my cake come out flat so I can ice it without gaps. The only thing I have figured out is that once it is out of the oven, and cooled a little, but still warm, I put a cutting board on top of the cake with a little weight, and let it cool. I find that the other cake works really well as weight. :)

Flattened cakes!

At this point I thought to myself, "wow, this is going really well" and unbeknownst to me my subconscious thought , "now how can I royally screw this up?"

Enter the screw-up!

I was going to just throw Marshmallow Fluff in between the layers, but decided I wanted to try a Marshmallow icing recipe. HORRIBLE IDEA!! HORRIBLE!!
 It was like a river. I put the other layer on top of the cake and ended up turning the cake upside down for about half an hour in hopes that it would stop flowing. I scraped the edges and scraped the edges and hoped it would just stop flowing. I put the meringue icing on it and then hoped that it would help hold it in place. The stuff was like lava, broke through the meringue and the cake ended up looking like a DISASTER in the end. So words of wisdom...if you make this cake do not make marshmallow icing... DO NOT!

Cake - pre-disaster. I have no post disasters because I was so upset that it pretty much fell apart. It tasted good, but that's all it had going for it.

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