Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Museum Trip

I feel like I had a handle on getting ready for Christmas, and that has gone way out the window. Not that I need it to be perfect, but I have yet to make one stocking, one tree skirt, one more cookie. Also, I keep eating the cookies, so that is no bueno! UGH. I need another month between now and Christmas. How is it less than a month away?!  I don't know how this is happening. I also do not know how Bug is 7 months old, but I stopped aging 4 years ago. Weird.

Today we went to the Museum of the North to meet a friend for a play date. The museum is really nice, and they turned the auditorium into a Children's museum. Bug really likes it. There is lots to touch, and feel and put into his mouth. SO-MANY-GERMS! This kid better have an amazing immune system someday!!

It is Movember after all. 

Who doesn't love a giant Light Bright? 

Thanks for everyone for voting for Adam. I appreciate it. I will try VERY hard to no longer drive everyone crazy and asking for votes, but I will probably put the link at the end of each blog post between now and the end of voting. Seriously, who doesn't love the 87 year old WWII Veteran? Old men are adorable! I'm really good at getting people to vote for Adam right? SO, vote for Adam, and if you don't want to vote for Adam vote for the cute old guy. ;) So Vote Here!  You can vote once a day everyday. 


  1. Cute pics!! I can't believe there aren't more Giant Lite-Brites around at science museums, etc. My 30+-year-old "kids" would be all over it! Just voted for Adam, and am glad to be reminded with each post. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Seriously! I feel like I've been cheated with lack of giant light brights growing up! Thanks for voting!