Monday, November 11, 2013

Snow Day!

Bug was shocked at the snow! 
The Fairbanks area was issued a winter storm warning for Saturday. I spent the day expecting snowandicepocolypes. Nothing. I wasn't sure if the weather was wrong, or if the little bit of snow we did get was the storm.

Neither. It was just late.

We woke up Sunday to 6-8 inches of fresh snow.


Not the sun. Flash with the phone. 

I went outside to start shoveling. I EXPECTED that the snow would be light like the last time I shoveled (in September.) Wrong. It was heavier than I expected. Luckily, Bug feel asleep and I quilted asked my hubby to come help me.

He shoveled and I did my best to keep the snow from blowing away. I thought it would be easier to shovel if it was packed down. Apparently, I was wrong. We got the driveway done in a few hours. I went in before hubby to get the Bug up from his nap. He has a little infant sled, so I thought I'd try that. He hates it. Poor kid. Not pleased.

Hubby shoveled out the truck while I continued my best work at being helpful...

Seriously. It was tough! Do YOU know how hard it is to get your fat butt up out of the snow angel WITHOUT ruining it? Super hard.


  1. That is a lovely picture of your son!!!! You seem to be having some fun with the snow!

  2. The window shot is hilarious!!

    So much snow. I'm glad you're taking the pretty pictures of it while I enjoy 60f in November.