Friday, November 22, 2013

Delicious Mistakes

A few days ago I made sugar cookie dough, got distracted, and couldn't remember where I left off (aka, how much sugar I had put in.) I did a test tray, and the cookies just didn't taste the way they were suppose to. I didn't want to throw out a double batch of dough, but couldn't figure out how to "fix" it. It just wasn't "right." 

This past summer at the Farmer's Market there was a man who sold Cookie Pies. They were DELICIOUS, so I figured I could give it a try.
I first thought I'd bake the bottom for a little bit first (bad idea.) I ended up throwing that out and trying again. 

Crust 1 of 2, maybe 3?

Our freezer is full of blueberries and cranberries that we picked, but I wasn't about to waste those on a pie if it didn't work out. Canned Cherry pie filling is pretty much my favorite thing in the entire world, so no twisting my arm there, and I threw a can in (next time I would put two, but didn't want to waste them if it didn't turn out.)

When I bake the cookies they only take 7 minutes, exactly, any longer and they are burnt and any shorter and they just aren't done. I started the pie out for 15 minutes at 350, but it just wasn't baking. I fiddled with the time some more, turned it down, and let it go longer, turned it up, turned it down. I don't remember a single thing that I did.

It came out of the oven looking like a pie, and for that I was excited. When I cut into it, it wasn't fully done, so I threw it back into the oven. FINALLY after not remembering a single thing I did (what a great recipe, hu!) we cut into it again.

I would add more cherries next time. It was SO YUMMY! If I wasn't doing stupid (which it's not, but when I can't eat a whole pie, it's stupid) Weight Watchers I would have just taken it with a fork and told everyone that it was poisoned. It was super yummy!!

Cherries are fruit right? I mean, there isn't THAT much cookie there, right? I need to make more cookie dough pies. YUM!!!

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