Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

I won't actually call it frightful. It sure is beautiful out! I took these photos today around 1, while Bug was sleeping. The FedEx lady showed up while I was out taking pictures and told me I was nuts. It was "only" -16 at my house today, so there's that!

Bug and I ran to the post office to pick up a package, and the "boss man" was talking to someone about it hitting -60. There will be NO photos if it gets to -60.  I hope he was kidding...

I decided to look up the weather at Mount Everest to make myself feel better.... there isn't much difference when you look at the averages. BUT we have oxygen, so I'll take that!

I've named this tree "Charlie" 

It is just SO pretty! I wish I knew how to use my camera better (taking a class in December, so there is hope) but these don't do it justice!! While the cold is, well, cold, I would rather have that then the 30 degrees and rain for a bazillion days in Seattle. Well, give me another month, I might change my mind!! 

In other Bug related news, he has some EXCITING news for everyone!! (No. Not pregnant.) 

We have a crawler!His dad called me to Bug's room, and I started crying. He wasn't happy, but he did it!! I appologize for my high pitched squeals. 

 and then we had this! (It didn't upload right yesterday.) 

Don't worry! No babies were harmed in the making of this video!

He is such a fun guy! Man, do we love him! 

**Public Service Announcement** When I said "no one reads this" what I was TRYING (but failed) to say was "no one reads this when there are Bug pictures or videos. I know people read this, and for that I appreciate it!  ;) 


  1. Holy CRAP!!! That is cold. I'll stop complaining about it being in the 30's here, though I was joking with my husband last night that New England lets you down quickly but gently. You start in the 60's in the fall and think, "hmm maybe I'll put a long-sleeved sweater on." Then it drops to the 40's and you say, Ok, time for my jacket and maybe a little hat. Once it hits the 30's you bring out the coat and mittens. In the 20's you just want to go into hibernation, and so on and so forth until we're in the negatives. But not in the -20 negatives!! YIKES.

    Then we get the random temperature "spike" of the mid 40's in January and you see everyone out in short sleeves because it's so "warm". hehehe.

  2. You are right. I skip to the Bug videos. From now on, just remember to give us Bug videos or we will troll your blog until you do. Every so often. Especially when he giggles after pulling himself up. It's like crack. I feel inexplicably good now.

  3. I skip the Bug videos, but don't take it personally. I am apparently the one person on the internet who doesn't like videos of pretty much anything. Not even horses, most of the time.

    I'm glad you're enjoying it... The snow is pretty, in a twisted, hellacious sort of way.