Sunday, December 1, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness (Requests!)

As much as I love it, I don't mention it to anyone because really, when you're about to turn 33 (I honestly thought I was turning 34 until I just did the math...WOW Brooke!) and realize that you're not getting a pony for your birthday, it starts to lose some of its magic (note: I DO NOT WANT A PONY.)

My birthday is next weekend, and between now and then I would really love for people who read this blog (and please, feel free to share it and make your friends suffer read this post too) to do something nice for someone else. Need ideas? Here is a whole list!

I really love doing random acts of kindness for people (and animals.)  I have been lucky enough in life that I have had random acts of kindness done for me too. It sure does makes a crappy day better when a total stranger buys you a cup of coffee, returns your cart, or lets you go in front of them at the check out with your screaming infant (but I think that was more for them than for me.) Anyway, after you do something, I want to hear about it! You can either e-mail me through this page (see the contact box on the right of the screen) or you can message me through Facebook  I want to hear some good in this crazy world. It will make a much better 34th crap, 33rd birthday! Most people say they are younger, but somehow I have decided to add a year to my life...makes up for the years (yes, plural) that I was 27...I somehow forgot I turned 28.

I would love to do a post of everything good that has happened this week on my actual birthday (I can keep your name private if you'd like!) Bonus points if you do more than one!

So, go, do something nice, share this, and challenge your friends to do the same!


  1. Thank you Lisa, for sharing Brooke's blog on FB. It is a perfect idea for the holidays when so many folks are extra stressed. And a perfect way to live with others-with a heart open to what you can do for them.
    By the way, I share your 'agelessness'. Nowadays I don't need to do the math, I just know that I am a woman of a certain age.

  2. I agree with you dear daughter that we are so lucky to have our health, 2 beautiful grandsons, 2 great adult children who never cease to amaze me with their kindness and compassion to others, and a comfortable home to live in. Therefor I try to give back every day. Sometimes it is as easy as giving my grocery cart to someone because they are carrying a lot of groceries in there arms and I don't have as many and your Dad will help me carry them or go get me another cart. A smile or a friendly word to a stranger, buying gifts for people who probably would not have much this Christmas, and so many other ways to just try every day to be a positive influence. I have blessed by so many in my life and if we all follow the golden rule ( do unto others as you would have them do unto you) this world can become an even better place. Besides, by paying it forward, we actually usually receive more than we give.

  3. Voted for Adam again today and I didn't even need to be reminded in your blog post--does that count?

    1. :) I love you and I don't even know you. :) Thank you! I think so. ;)

  4. Wow, this just warms my heart. This week (today specifically), I am hosting my mom, MIL and SIL at my church's womens christmas dinner. I'm excited to get all of our hearts ready for the holiday season. And I think in honor of you and in homage to ponies everywhere (even in AK) I'll sweep up the mess in the cross ties all week, even if it isnt mine!!! :P

  5. So when my dad was sick and my brothervwas staying with us for a while he told me he really liked a certain type of k-cup for his keurig but things were tight back in FL so he hadn't bought any. After my dad passed and my brother went back to FL I had 2boxes of his favorite coffee shipped to him just because. He's my brother....if there had been something I'd needed or wanted and he could help out he would have. But he was surprised when the box arrived and that's all that matters.